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Nikki Sets Her Sights on Sharon on The Young and the Restless

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Adam (Michael Muhney) bumped into Victor (Eric Braeden) and the two sparred about Adam taking a job at Newman Enterprises. Victor asked if Adam was keeping his pregnant wife occupied, not knowing Chelsea (Melissa Claire Eagan) lost the baby. After learning the news, Victor shared his condolences with his black sheep son.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) arrived with the report on what caused the fire that claimed the Newman's home. Not surprisingly, the investigation uncovered arson. Nikki immediately wondered about Sharon's (Sharon Case) whereabouts.  It’s always reassuring to know Nikki will usually jump to “blame Sharon” for just about everything. Based on their past, it’s not surprising, but it’s a comfort food type Y&R trope.

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Detective Nikki hurried to Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) where she shared her suspicions with her son. He admitted suspecting the same thing. Mother and son then visited the burned ruins of the Newman home, where Victor and a PI had been assessing the scene. Nikki searched the rubble for anything a detective might look over. She discovered a bracelet Victor had given Sharon. Nikki felt it was all the proof they needed to take down Sharon. 

Nikki solved the crime so quickly; I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes Ronan’s (Jeff Branson) partner at some point.

At the cottage, Sharon dreamed of the fire and the faces of her family. Adam woke her up and introduced her to Dr. Watkins, who he’d brought with him. Sharon accused Adam of ambushing her. Dr. Watkins started to leave, but told Adam that Sharon needed help sooner rather than later.

At first, I thought the budding friendship between Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Chelsea was a bit contrived, but it has been slowly winning me over. I’ve actually started to slightly enjoy it, and am now looking forward to seeing how it plays out.