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Thomas Gives Forrester Creations A Makeover on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Thomas (Adam Gregory) was full of plans for moving Forrester into the future. He called a meeting to outline his vision for the company. However, as a viewer, I just can’t take Thomas seriously as the interim head of Forrester Creations. I don’t know why.

Thomas told the room full of mostly young B&B characters that classic Forrester fashion had become a liability for the younger market. Donna (Jennifer Gareis) asked if the younger market was “really that important.” Thomas pointed out that if young people associated the Forrester brand with their grandparents, it’s a big problem.

Thomas basically dissolved years of Eric (John McCook) and Ridge's (Ronn Moss) work to attract a younger customer base. He asked if the Forrester marketing department was throwing their best ideas in the trash, because it was “too edgy” for the company.

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We’ve made fun of Forrester Creations over the years on the podcast for still being in the 1980s. Yet, for some reason I found the whole topic to be one giant metaphor for Brad Bell’s vision to evolve The Bold and the Beautiful into One Tree Hill. OTH’s Brooke (Sophia Bush) had a Clothes Over Bros. fashion line, but I think Thomas should name his line Clothes Over Family.

Thomas announced Rick (Jacob Young) would be moving departments to help save Hope’s (Kim Matula) Hope For the Future line. Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) would be getting a new design partner, Thomas, and they would be working on a new line CTF (Caroline Thomas Forrester). CTF creations will be more edgy, urban and sexy. The CTF line is going to absorb Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) Intimates line.

When Rick protested, Thomas told Rick he wanted him to be a part of the plan. Thomas made it clear no one would stand in the way of his vision for Forrester.

When Thomas announced Eric and Ridge–neither of which were at the meeting–would remain at the couture line, I couldn’t help but think they must be oh so thankful Thomas let them stay.

Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) was full of tears as she spent time with Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and Eric at their home.  Dayzee told Stephanie she can’t imagine life without her. Stephanie gave her a check to give to the mission.