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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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AJ pulls off his mask and reveals his identity to a shocked Michael. Michael tells him Sonny is his father and AJ is dead. He witnessed AJ's death and believes he's being set up. AJ begs Michael to go with him to the pier, so he can explain everything.

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A very nervous Starr is waiting for Michael, when Trey comes home and informs her he didn’t get Connie committed.  Trey says Alexis filed all the papers to have him be the legal guardian, but Connie told the Judge she was never his mother. She claimed he didn’t have her best interests at heart, because they just recently met. The judge decided to give Connie a hearing to defend herself. Trey knows there’s no guarantee she’ll be committed. 

Sonny’s angry because things didn’t go well in court due to Connie insisting her husband is the only person who can have her committed.  Alexis reassures him there is still a chance Trey can convince the judge to send Connie to Shadybrook.  Sonny is feeling sorry for himself because he has lost so much recently.

Connie wants to celebrate her win in court with a meal, but is annoyed to find out Carly closed the Metro Court restaurant for a private function. She demands to know Carly's whereabouts. A Metro Court waiter tells her Carly is in Todd’s suite.  Johnny is upset to hear the news, and Connie doesn't make things better when she points out it didn't take Carly long to get over him. Johnny is sure there’s nothing between Carly and Todd, and suddenly doesn't want to celebrate. Connie leaves and Johnny bribes the waiter with money to tell him which room is Todd's.

Carly and Todd are making out, but Carly stops things before they get too far. She tells Todd his heart isn’t in it because he’s still in love with Blair.  Todd says Blair married someone else, and he wants to start anew with her.  Carly refuses to be the rebound girl.  Todd just wants them to enjoy themselves. 

Johnny firmly knocks on the door, so Carly tells Todd to open it, despite their state of undress. Johnny accuses Carly of doing this to get back at him, but Carly denies it. She doesn’t give a damn about Johnny, and has wasted enough time with him.  Johnny says she has no idea who she’s getting involved with, but Carly refuses to listen.  Johnny acknowledges he hurt her, but warns she shouldn’t turn to Todd.  Carly tells him to go home to his wife, and Johnny storms out.

Todd hopes this won’t stop her from continuing where they left off.  Carly wants to avoid making the same mistakes again, but Todd says he’s the anti-Johnny. He’s never misrepresented himself and is being completely honest.  When Carly still hesitates, Todd jokes they can have sex to get back at Johnny.  Carly doesn’t want to mess things up by rushing into anything.    

Todd wants her to agree their almost sex was nice, and could be again, if they let it.  Carly says he’s her friend, one of few, and she doesn’t want to lose him. 

Connie finds Sonny and Alexis at Kelly’s and throws her win in court in their faces.  Sonny affirms Kate is sick and Connie is nothing but a symptom of the illness.  Connie accuses Sonny of being angry she doesn’t find him hot. She taunts he’ll never see Kate again, and will never put her in Shadybrook.  Sonny warns her not to be too cocky. 

Connie thinks she will tell her side of the story at the hearing, and wonders how they got Trey to cooperate. Sonny tells Connie she helped with Trey by pretending to care about him.  Connie reiterates that Kate is long gone and they’re going to lose the case.  Sonny angrily knocks over a table.  

Connie runs into Johnny and realizes he saw Todd and Carly together.  She figures since they’re having sex, she and Johnny should too. However, Johnny’s still not interested. 

AJ explains the events of his faked death, including Monica's involvement, to Michael. AJ just wants to hold Michael, but Michael orders him to back off.  Michael refuses to forgive AJ so quickly, and brings up their messy past. Michael tells AJ he thought his father's death was his fault for many years.

AJ says there are two sides to the story and tries to explain how Carly, Sonny and Jason kept Michael from him.  He tells Michael about Sonny forcing him to give up his parental rights.  Michael informs AJ he can't turn him against Sonny. AJ continues to divulge Carly’s misdeeds to Michael.

AJ claims he’s not the man he used to be, and knows what’s important now. He wants a relationship with his son.  Michael has a father and wants nothing to do with AJ.  AJ begs Michael to give him a chance.  Michael has to leave, and AJ asks him to keep his identity a secret.  

Starr worries that Michael is taking too long to get home, and Trey realizes they were planning a night together.  Starr decides to head out to look for Michael, just as Michael arrives.  She asks where he was, and Michael tells her about his meeting with his biological father.

Carly goes to the pier to talk to Jason.  She doesn’t want to find out Todd has been lying, but is unsure she can trust him. She wishes Jason were there to tell her what to do.  Carly hears a noise, and AJ appears out the shadows.