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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly can’t believe AJ is standing in front of her. AJ says boo and Carly trips, falls and knocks herself out.  Sonny wakes her up and she starts screaming about AJ being alive. Sonny thinks Carly is seeing things because at the site of Jason's death. Carly swears she saw AJ, so Sonny decides to prove AJ is still dead.

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Johnny angrily grabs his gun, determined to kill Todd, but Connie stops him. She tells him whatever he's planning is not worth going to prison. She reminds him that after killing Starr’s daughter and boyfriend, murdering her father would only make things worse. Johnny calms down, but Connie's persistent flirting infuriates him again. Connie taunts that Johnny will never get Carly back. In turn, Johnny questions whether she just likes hurting people.

Connie declares hurting others is better than being hurt, and wonders if Johnny wants to compare pain.  She reminds him of her rape and points out the worst he's experienced is his sister actually being his mother. Johnny reminds her Anthony tried to kill him, but Connie counters that it’s better than having a man force himself on you. Connie says sex is a weapon and she uses it before it uses her. She claims Kate had it easy, because she didn't have any memories of the rape and the baby.

Monica and Alice are about to search for AJ, when Tracy and Luke come home and ask what's going on.  Monica makes up an excuse, which Tracy doesn't buy. Luckily, Tracy doesn't care and goes about her business. Monica tells Alice she doesn’t want Tracy to be suspicious. 

Michael informs Starr he saw AJ alive and spoke to him.  He claims AJ lied about Carly and Sonny's actions to keep Michael from him. Starr wonders why his father is back, and what Michael plans to do about it. Michael feels it will be his fault if AJ hurts someone, and decides to call Dante. While leaving a voicemail for Dante, he changes his mind at the last minute and doesn't mention AJ in the message.

Michael confesses he couldn’t turn his father in and Starr knows exactly how he feels.  He apologizes for ruining their night, but Starr assures him they’ll have their night when it’s right. 

Anna thinks the night went well, but apologizes for Luke’s bad behavior.  Duke understands that Luke only wants to protect her.  He asks for a dance and at first Anna resists, but memories of the past force her to give in. While dancing, the two share a kiss.  Anna breaks away and decides to leave, saying it’s too soon. She thanks him for a nice evening. 

Tracy wonders why Monica is talking to dead people and mentions her talking to the picture of AJ. Tracy begins to think AJ could be the creep who bumped into her at the Halloween party.  Luke reminds her AJ is dead.  She fires back by saying Duke was as well.  Luke doesn’t believe the person romancing Anna is Duke, and Tracy thinks he’s paranoid.  Luke decides to head to Turkey to check out Duke’s story.  Tracy wishes him good luck, and Luke thanks her for her help. Before leaving, he promises to make everything up to her.

Monica thinks out loud and begs AJ not to destroy all their hard work. She wonders if she’s an enabler or a protector, and wishes Allan were there to tell her.  Allan appears and Monica apologizes for not telling him the truth about AJ.  She admits they made mistakes as parents, but Allan assures her she did right by AJ and saved him.  Monica worries that she’s not strong enough to support AJ, but Allan says he’ll always be there for her. 

Tracy’s upset about her current family situation. She's feeling very down about being alone again.  Allan puts his hand on her shoulder, but disappears before Tracy can see him.

AJ stops by the Quartermaine crypt to speak with his father. He says he promises to make changes and wants Allan to be proud of him.  Allan appears to AJ and tells him he loves him. He promises to always be with his son.  Allan says he withheld his love for AJ while he was alive, but he’s proud of him.  AJ promises to honor his father’s memory and be a good father to Michael.  Allan points out that Carly and Sonny will stand in his way of gaining Michael’s trust. 

AJ hides when he hears Sonny and Carly approach the crypt.  Sonny asks if Carly wants him to open the vault to see AJ, but Carly doesn't think it's necessary. She finally concedes her eyes must have been playing tricks on her.  Sonny promises AJ will never get his hooks into their son. 

Johnny apologizes to Connie for bringing up the past, and says she should be happy Joe is dead.  Connie knows Joe will always haunt her. She compares her dislike for Kate and Joe to Johnny's displeasure of Carly and Todd.  Johnny agrees not to talk about them anymore, but asks her to stop hitting on him.  Connie agrees, as long as he stops calling her names.  Johnny promises to be nicer, since they’re stuck in this marriage together.  Connie makes him a sandwich and the two share it.

AJ returns to the mansion and tells Monica he's not going anywhere.