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Katie on 'Katie': "I Certainly Didn’t Have High Expectations For Myself”

It's no secret that Katie Couric's self-titled talk show is experiencing ratings and creative woes, which has Couric embarking on a new publicity tour. In a new interview with New York Daily News, Couric reveals she had low expectations for her $80 million vehicle right out the gate. Said Couric:

Katie Couric

“I certainly didn’t have high expectations for myself,” Couric, 55, told the Daily News. “I wanted to do a show that I thought was interesting, compelling and enlightening, and while I knew that there were going to be some inevitable comparisons to Oprah Winfrey, I tried to throw water on them every chance I got.”

Couric also discussed showrunner Jeff Zucker's exit from the series:

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“I only want the best for Jeff,” Couric said. “He’s been a great friend to me and a very trusted colleague — and that’s something that’s hard to find. Right now he’s giving the show 110%. And I think he and I work really well together. We collaborate well, and I think that until that changes, that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

The good news for Katie is the talker has an ironclad two-year deal with most affiliates. However, if ratings dip too low the program's timeslot can be changed and/or its rates can be reduced, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Do you think Katie can turn things around? Sound off in the comments!

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