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Lauralee Bell Dishes Cricket Kissing Paul And New Young and Restless Regime

Since she first appeared on our TV screens, The Young and the Restless' Cricket Blair (Lauralee Bell) has been the ultimate good girl. That's all about to change, since the legal ace will soon swap spit with her ex-husband Paul (Doug Davidson), who just happens to be dating her BFF Nina (Tricia Cast)! TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with Bell to get the lowdown.


TV Guide Magazine: What triggers this?

Bell: Christine has basically thrown Paul a lifeline by finding the evidence that saves him from going to jail. She's freed him from this horrific chapter in his life and that's what provokes the kiss. This isn't some meaningless thing, though. Paul says, "I'm falling back in love with you." And Christine says, "I'm falling back in love with you, too. I want to give this a shot." Danny was the love of Cricket's young life. But Paul is her adult love. It's a serious, emotional reconnection. It could be a second chance for both of them.

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Bell also revealed what sister-in-law Maria Arena Bell had planned for her alter ego, before she got replaced by executive producer Jill Farren Phelps and head writer Josh Griffith.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of Jill and Josh, what did you think of the way they wrapped up Christine's case against Phyllis?

Bell: I don't know exactly how Maria was going to end it but I do know she planned to have Christine and Danny leave town together. I wasn't supposed to remain on the show. Josh and Jill stopped me in the hall and said, "We're thinking about not having you leave. Is that okay with you?" I thought that was so nice! A really lovely gesture. I am torn about the way [the trial] played out. No one wants to see Phyllis in an orange jumpsuit for months. They want to see her out raising hell. But I feel like Christine would have investigated the case so well that she'd never have lost. It made her seem so unqualified in her research.

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