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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie walks into her old apartment and declares that she’s moving back in. Starr and Trey are shocked. They quickly point out that Maxie gave the place to them, and said they could stay indefinitely. Maxie says her name is on the lease, and they were only subletting, but offers to let one of them stay.  Neither can decide, so Maxie flips a coin, which Starr wins. Starr decides she’d rather move out as well, so Maxie now has no roommate at all. 

Sam wants to know what John found out about Joe’s accomplice. John tells her that Jerry got Joe out of Atlantic City, and that Joe was working with Jerry during the water poisoning. Sam is certain this means Jerry was the second shooter, but John reminds her that Jerry is supposedly dead. Sam says Jerry’s body was never found. Both Jax and Sonny survived the same explosion. Maybe Jerry just wants everyone to think he was dead?

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Sam wants to tell the police this new information, but John stops her. He says they need proof, but Sam is now certain that Jason is alive and Jerry has him. Sam says the key is to  follow the money,  the $88 million will lead them to Jason!

John reasons that Jerry wouldn’t pick up that kind of money, only to return to PC to kill Sonny’s accountant.  Whoever was working with Joe has a bigger agenda than Sonny’s money, he warns.

Sam feels she owes it to Jason to continue to look for him, even though the police have given him up for dead. John warns her to be careful now that she has a child to take care of. That second shooter will be dangerous. Sam says she’ll find someone else to help her, but John promises he’ll be there if she needs him. 

Duke and Lulu make small talk until Dante shows up. He tells his wife he emailed her an application for adoption. The two fill out the forms, which go well until they’re asked for a complete family history.

Lulu points out that both grandfathers are criminals and both grandmothers have issues with mental illness. Dante mentions the aunts and uncles aren’t much better, with Michael having done prison time, Ethan being a grifter and Lucky being a recovering drug addict.  Ultimately he says they should tell the truth. Lulu agrees to send the email, but then decides to make changes. 

Sabrina tells Liz about the pictures Emma showed her of the Nurses' Ball.  Liz recalls how Lucy Coe was the hostess, and they all performed.  She mentions one act she did with Emily and Juan . At this point, Sabrina reveals she's Juan’s cousin.  She asks why they stopped having the ball. Liz said it became too expensive.  Sabrina finds it sad that there isn’t enough money to continue Robin’s legacy.  Liz has a flashback of one of Robin’s speeches at the ball. 

Anna shows up with Emma's birthday present, which is a play telephone.  As her granddaughter talks about wishes, Anna flashes back to a young Robin talking to Duke about the same thing.  When Emma leaves the room, Patrick and Anna discuss how hard this first birthday without Robin, is.

Anna reassures Patrick that he’s doing a good job with Emma.  She then asks about his love life. Patrick informs his mother-in-law about Britt's offer to go home with her, and how he didn't accept. Anna says Robin would want him to be happy.

Emma returns with a DVD that Robin made on her birthday the year before and asks to watch it.  Anna and Patrick cry when they see Robin on screen.  Emma kisses the screen and tells her mother she loves her.  Anna gets a call from Duke to meet at the Star.  Emma talks on her pretend phone in front of Patrick. 

Duke gets a call from Dr. Albright. Robin is getting stronger and harder to control.  Duke calls the airline to get a flight.  When Anna gets there, he lies and says Washington wants him to come back for more debriefing. 

Robin gets out of her room, but is stopped by Dr Albright.  She assures the doctor that she’s strong now and needs to go home to her husband and daughter. She worries that Emma may have forgotten her. Robin knocks the doc out with a chair and steals her phone. 

Ellie tells Spin she needs to hire him as a P.I., because her building has been condemned.  Spin admits he's been staying in various places lately himself. A call from Sam interrupts their exchange. His pal wants him to help with her latest lead on Jason. 

When Maxie comes to the hospital to put up notices for a new roommate,  Ellie applies for the spot.  

Sabrina stops by to give Emma a birthday present. While Patrick is distracted, the phone rings and Emma answers it — its Robin!