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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy is floored to see AJ standing in her living room. Once the shock wears off, Tracy becomes enraged because AJ is alive.  Monica tries to assure her things aren’t as they seem, and she can explain.  Tracy scoffs at her, and AJ warns Tracy to stop badgering his mother.  Monica admits she faked AJ’s death and assisted him out of the country.  Tracy is sure AJ is back because he’s out of money, and is still angry about what happened to Alan. Monica wants Tracy to keep the secret for Alan’s sake, but Tracy decides to call the police. 

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Dante informs Lulu the adoption agency responded and will be sending over a social worker to go over their application.  Lulu’s surprised at the speed of things and feels they need time to prepare.  Lulu admits she panicked and changed the application form to make the families sound better.  Dante wants to cancel the appointment to give them time to tell the truth, but Lulu thinks they don’t have time. She feels it's best to go with the story she made up.  

Dante gets a call from Tracy about a fugitive, but the line goes dead before Tracy can get a word out. Alice puts Tracy in a chokehold that knocks her out cold.  Monica tells Dante everything is fine.

Carly informs Todd that Michael was asking questions about AJ, and she told him the truth. Carly’s upset Michael seemed so disillusioned, and wonders who would have told Michael the story in the first place.  Carly decides Monica has to be the culprit in this situation. Todd assures Carly that Michael will be fine.  Carly tells him about her episode with AJ on the docks, and Sonny convincing AJ is dead. Todd realizes this is what Starr meant when she said Michael had a secret.  Carly heads out to find Michael, but thanks Todd for listening and being her friend. 

At Starr's place, Michael’s concerned he accidentally told his mother AJ is alive.  Starr reminds him this could be dangerous for AJ, who is still a wanted man.  Michael is angry Carly never gave AJ a chance to be a father, and questions whether AJ was telling the truth about Sonny’s involvement.  He explains to Starr about the meat hook, and Sonny using AJ’s alcoholism against him.  Michael is unsure of his feelings for Sonny now.

Michael decides he needs to talk to Sonny to see if AJ is lying. Starr reminds him Sonny is at the custody hearing, and it’s probably not a good time to talk to him.  Michael agrees and wants to speak with AJ again, instead. Before leaving, he tells Star he knew he could trust her.

At the commitment hearing, Diane arrives as Connie’s lawyer, which upsets Sonny.  She tells the judge the hearing is only because Sonny, who was humiliated by Connie on their wedding day, is manipulating Trey. 

Sonny takes the stand and testifies it upset him to hear that Connie had married Johnny, but he only wants to get Kate back. Sonny affirms Connie is a symptom of the illness. 

Connie takes the stand and says she was in a terrible relationship with Sonny, and couldn’t get out. However, Johnny helped her escape and they fell in love, which led to marriage.  Connie assures the judge Johnny is a legitimate businessman now, and accuses Sonny of turning her son against her. 

Johnny gets on the stand and Alexis asks why he married Connie. Johnny claims he’s in love with Connie. Alexis pushes the issue saying he knows Kate needs help and suggests he has something to lose. She instructs Johnny to do the right thing and tell the truth.  Johnny assures Alexis that Connie has no leverage against him, and they love each other. 

Diane takes Trey to task and makes it look like he wants revenge on his mother for abandoning him at birth. Trey says his friend was hurt by Connie, and feels she’s a danger to the general public.  He also admits he wants a relationship with his mother, but can’t have one while she’s sick. He only wants her to get help.

Diane asks the motion to commit be dismissed, affirming Kate Howard is the alter and Connie is the dominate personality.  

Dante agrees to go along with Lulu’s story, as the adoption agent arrives for their interview.  Lulu explains the Haunted Star is a family restaurant, not a floating casino, and Dante is a boring detective.  She also says Luke was in the peace corp., and Laura is a psychiatrist.  As for Dante’s parents, she claims Sonny is a coffee importer who made his millions when he invented small coffee cups.  The agent seems to buy Lulu's lies, until she angrily admits knowing all about Olivia being attacked with LSD. The jig is up for Dante and Lulu.

Alice informs the gang that Tracy will wake up in fifteen minutes, and wonders what should be done with her.  AJ jokes they should kill her, but knows Tracy will call the police the second she wakes up.  Alice and AJ take Tracy down to the boathouse, as Michael arrives to speak to AJ.

Carly confronts Monica about AJ being alive. She demands to know where she's hiding him.