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SPOILERS: Will Adam's Move to Help Sharon Cost Cheslea's Family Everything on Young and Restless?

Adam/Chelsea: The Newman black sheep learns about Gloworm being torched, and immediately contacts the arsonist he's hired to cover for Sharon. Adam blasts the firebug for what he's done. He's all for Sharon not being charged for the ranch's fire, but not at Chelsea's expense.


Speaking of Chelsea, she grill Adam about the fire at her family's place of business. Adam insists his hands are clean. Chelsea lets it go, but later decides to do some sleuthing on her own.

Noah: Poor lad discovers some shocking information about his mom.

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Ronan/Phyllis: The two go out on a date, to see if a real relationship is possible. While on the date, both Ronan and Phyllis are a bit uneasy. Ronan figures out Phyllis still wants Nick, while she deduces all he wants is a physical relationship. After ending dinner early, they head back to Phyllis' place. Sucks to be Ronan, because Red asks him to scram!

Later, Phyllis calls Nick and pleads with him to hold off on meeting with their divorce attorneys. Nick refuses her request. Phyllis asks  Avery to come to the meeting with Nick and their lawyers. Phyllis is stunned when Avery tells her she can't, because she and Nick are an item!

Things go from bad to worse for Phyllis, when Nick declares he has no plans to reconcile with her. Expect a livid Phyllis to look for a little payback. 

Katherine: The grand dame lends Nina a shoulder to cry on.