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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly demands to know if AJ is alive, but Monica reminds her AJ has been gone for years. She wonders why Carly would bring this up now. Carly tells Monica she saw AJ on the docks, but Monica thinks it's someone who looked like him.  Carly adds on that Michael saw him as well. She explains Michael started asking questions about her past and believes the only person who could have told him is AJ.

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Monica affirms she told Michael the truth because he has a right to know.  She calls Carly a conniving bitch and claims Carly pitted Jason against AJ.  Carly tells her not to turn AJ into a victim after everything he did.  Monica knows Carly and Sonny drove AJ into madness.  Carly doesn’t have any regrets and decides she wants to look around for signs of AJ. 

Michael finds AJ at the boathouse.  He admits he told Starr the truth, but swears she can keep AJ’s secret.  Michael also informs AJ that he accidentally said something to Carly, who confessed all her misdeeds.  Alice tells AJ she took care of Tracy, and advises the father and son to continue their conversation in the house.

The adoption agent calls Lulu and Dante on all of their lies. Lulu admits she fabricated everything and begs for a second change. The agent says they’re judged on their integrity.  Dante speaks on Lulu's behalf and honestly believes she'd make an excellent mother.  The agent doesn't budge, so Lulu decides they can apply to a different agency. However, the agent tells them the false form is in the nationwide database and will be rejected by everyone.   Lulu apologizes, but Dante thinks there might be another way.   

Diane claims Connie is the dominant personality, and Kate is the alter who was formed after the traumatic rape.  Alexis counters and points out Kate is the one who went to Harvard, and Connie is the alter.  The judge asks about the psychiatrist, Ewen Keenan, and Alexis is forced to admit he’s dead.  Diane wants to bring in another doctor, and is granted her request. The new doctor testifies that Kate is the alter created by Connie. 

Alexis declares if Connie is the host personality she is responsible for the car accident, and wants to re-file charges. Connie claims Kate was the one who caused the accident and not her.  The judge rules there is no conclusive evidence that Connie is a danger to society, and the petition to have her committed is denied. 

Alexis wonders what happened with Diane, who defends her actions by saying everyone needs a good defense. She was the better lawyer that day, plain and simple.  Alexis tells Sonny there’s nothing else she can do, and he agrees. 

Mac stops by Anna's and they talk about Duke.  She mentions Luke doesn’t believe he’s Duke, but his fingerprints match those in the database.  Anna feels attracted to Duke, but isn’t jumping back into anything yet. Mac has a gift for Emma; a book entitled The Little Prince.  Anna remembers it being one of Robin’s favorites.

Robin begs Dr. Albrecht to let her go.  Duke arrives and berates the doctor for being incompetent. Duke decrees he has to change his plans because of the doctor's actions. A handcuffed Duke pretends to get himself tossed into Robin’s room. Robin is shocked to see him, and thinks she’s hallucinating because since he’s been dead for so long.  Duke says he’s been in prison, but escaped. Robin’s thrilled he's there, because they can work together to get out. Robin wants to be with her family more than anything.

Duke admits he’s been to Port Charles and visited her family. He heard rumors of Robin being alive when he was in Washington, and came to find her. He didn't tell anyone else, but wishes to get her home as soon as possible.  Robin says Duke is her hero, and compares him to the prince in the book she loved as a child.  Duke agrees, but gets the details of the story wrong.

Robin is surprised when Duke doesn't remember the prince’s appearance correctly. Robin tests him again and asks if he remembers their first meal of spaghetti and meatballs together. Duke remembers perfectly, but Robin tells him their dish was pizza and not spaghetti and meatballs.

AJ and Michael arrive at the mansion and run into Carly.

Robin wants to know what’s going on, because his memories are all incorrect. Duke accuses her of being too smart for her own good and removes his face.