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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin is shocked when “Duke” removes his face to reveal his true identity, Cesar Faison. Faison taunts that while Duke isn’t back from the dead, he is.  Faison is annoyed Robin muddled his plans by calling home and trying to escape.  Robin wonders what he wants, and he confesses his undying love for Anna. Faison wants a romantic reunion with Anna. Robin knows Anna will see right through him, but Faison says she’s already fallen for “Duke”. 

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Faison says losing Robin left Anna vulnerable, and his impersonation was brilliant.  Robin is sure it’s only a matter of time before Anna realizes he isn’t really Duke. Robin asks how Faison acquired Duke’s memories, since he’s dead. Faison dodges the question, and Robin poses another. She wants to know the details of his plan. He confesses he was going to return Robin to Anna, therefore making him a hero.

Faison admits if Anna realizes he isn’t Duke, then Robin is in trouble. Robin could have played along for a little while long, and been back with her family now.  Robin swears she won't tell a soul the truth, and promises to follow his plan. Faison doesn’t believe Robin, and she begs him to let her talk to Anna.  Faison says he’s returning to his original plan, and Robin asks if he plans on killing her.  He denies being that kind of monster, so she begs him not to keep her locked up.  Robin swears Anna will never love him like she loved Duke. Faison believes otherwise, and is sure Anna won’t know the difference. 

Carly can't believe her eyes when she walks in on Michael and AJ having a conversation. Michael tells her not to freak out, because he promised AJ he wouldn’t tell anyone.  Carly wonders how AJ is alive, and decides to call the police.  Monica begs her to put the phone down.  Carly accuses her of hiding AJ until Jason’s death.  Michael pleads with his mother to not to call the police, but Carly goes through AJ’s transgressions.  AJ accuses Carly of never giving him a chance with his son.  Michael implicates Carly set everything in motion, but is unsure he can forgive AJ's actions. Michael wants time to process everything without AJ in prison.  Carly says she’ll do anything for Michael, except this. 

Lulu’s upset she screwed up the possible adoption, but Dante says they can use a surrogate. However, Lulu doesn't like his idea. She is not comfortable with someone else experiencing the pregnancy. Dante reminds her she would experience raising the child. 

Sam storms into Anna’s office and demands to know what’s happening in the search to find Jason.  Anna’s aware of Joe’s connection to Jerry, and explains finding the fabric in the alley with the hair sample.  The results come in, but Anna’s surprised when the evidence doesn't match anything in her database.  Sam is still determined to find Jason alive, but Anna brings up her situation with Robin. She understands the need to believe in a loved one being alive, but it only ends in disappointment. 

Anna explains her recent adventure involving Robin, and the heartbreak it caused. Sam reminds her Duke is alive, and that should be enough reason for anyone to always hold onto hope.  After what happened with Danny, Sam refuses to give up on Jason.

Britt and Liz are treating a young child, when they begin to speak about Patrick.  Liz admits they all miss Robin, but she wants Patrick to be happy. She thinks Britt could be the one for Patrick, and explains his player past.  Britt wonders how to get Patrick over Robin and start something with her.

Patrick gives Sabrina a thank you card from Emma.  She asks about Emma, and Patrick says she’s fine. He confesses he still expects to see Robin around, and it's hard without her.  Sabrina understands he still misses his wife, and mentions the nurse’s ball. She thinks it's a shame funding issues caused its ultimate demise. Sabrina suggests raising money to have a new nurse's ball in honor of Robin.

Britt interrupts Patrick and Sabrina to remove her dirty scrubs, and tosses them to Sabrina to clean.  Sabrina tells Britt about her idea to bring back the nurse’s ball as a tribute to Robin, but Britt thinks it would be depressing.  When Patrick disagrees, Britt quickly changes her mind and offers to help.

After Sabrina leaves, Britt comes right out and asks Patrick when he’s planning on spending the night with her.  He says Emma is spending the night with Mac, which makes him available tonight. 

Carly calls Dante and tells him to come to the mansion, because AJ is alive.  Monica tells AJ to leave, but he doesn’t want to run anymore.  He’s willing to spend time in prison if it means he gets to see Michael.  When Dante arrives, he has to arrest AJ.  Michael asks him to look the other way, but Dante refuses and takes AJ away in handcuffs. 

Michael is angry Carly sent AJ to prison. She tries to explain his father cannot be trusted. Carly reminds him AJ is a kidnapper and shot his own father.  Michael counters that he killed his stepmother.  Carly orders him not to compare the situations.  Michael doesn’t wish prison on anyone, especially his father.  Carly declares that AJ isn’t Michael’s father, but Michael doesn’t see it that way anymore. 

Faison speaks to a mystery patient at the hospital. The patient turns out to be the real Duke Lavery, strapped to the bed. Faison warns Duke that feeding him lies will be his undoing.