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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Faison expresses his discontent with Duke for lying to him, but Duke thinks he got what he deserved.  Faison reminds Duke he found him rotting in a prison and brought him to a better place. However, Duke feels the hospital isn’t any better than prison. Duke says he complied with all of Faison’s demands, but Faison disagrees. He knows Duke gave him a false memory, and can't trust him anymore. Duke wonders if things aren’t going as planned in Port Charles, but Faison assures him Anna doesn't suspect a thing.

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Duke says Faison is doomed to fail because he didn't give him just one incorrect memory.  Faison vows to repay Duke for lying. Duke will die satisfied knowing Faison will join him soon. Faison agrees to keep Duke alive for now. Duke says Anna will never fall for Faison, but he plays Anna’s voice message and claims she’s already fallen. 

As Anna leaves a voice message for Duke, Dante ushers AJ into the police station. Anna can't believe it since AJ is supposed to be dead. AJ counters by bringing up Anna's return from the dead. Dante shows her AJ’s list of charges, which include, kidnapping, fraud and attempted murder.  Anna says to book him, as Michael arrives to keep AJ company.  Michael says Monica is calling a lawyer, but he wants to call Alexis. AJ points out Alexis won’t help him since she’s Kristina’s mother and works for Sonny. 

Dante advises Michael he doesn’t owe AJ anything, and his criminal father should put in prison. AJ tells Dante to stop meddling in his family affairs, but Dante says he’s family as well, since he’s Michael’s brother via Sonny. 

AJ claims Sonny bought Dante’s way onto the force, and implicates Sonny as the culprit in the meat hook incident. Dante says Sonny never kidnapped children, but AJ disagrees because he forcibly took Michael away from him.  Dante asks for proof and AJ accuses Dante of expunging Sonny’s file.  Anna tells Dante he’s too close to the case and he should go home. 

Carly wonders why Monica can’t see AJ for who he really is.  Monica believes AJ was desperate thanks to Carly and Sonny.  Carly affirms AJ deserves to be in prison, and she doesn’t regret any of her actions.  Carly goes through AJ’s laundry list of crimes, and berates Monica for watching Michael suffer when she knew AJ was alive.  Monica admits she was desperate because her grandson was stolen, and AJ had been put through the ringer. 

Carly claims AJ destroyed his own life, and won’t get a chance to have a relationship with Michael now.  After she storms out, Monica informs Alice that AJ has been arrested.  Alice expresses her sympathy, but feels they have bigger fish to fry because Tracy is free. 

Milo confesses to Sonny that Kate came onto him at the bachelorette party.  Sonny knows it wasn’t Kate, but Connie.  Trey stops by to apologize for not getting Connie committed.  Sonny assures him it's not his fault, and Kate wouldn’t have abandoned him. He wonders if Trey wants to get to know his mother. 

Connie forces Johnny to sign some papers, and heads out. Lulu shows up and Johnny invites her in. Again, Lulu asks Johnny what Connie has on him.  Johnny admits Connie is holding something over his head, but he can’t confide in Lulu because it would put her in a bad spot with Dante.  Lulu realizes it’s bad and wishes she could help.  Lulu tells Johnny about her adoption agency fiasco. Johnny offers to make some calls, but Lulu doesn’t think it's a good idea. She mentions Dante’s suggestion of surrogacy to Johnny.

Lulu says surrogacy is expensive, but there is no other choice than to let a stranger into their lives.  Johnny knows she needs to fill the hole in her heart, and thinks it's a good idea. He's confident she'll love the child no matter what.

Starr begs Todd not to tell Carly about AJ, and he promises he won't.  Connie pops up, and Starr angrily wonders why she isn’t in Shadybrook.  Connie explains her recent victory in court, and tells Todd she wants her magazine back.  Starr says her father isn’t giving the magazine to a monster, but Connie says he’s bound contractually. She shows him a form signed by Johnny that has a note telling Todd to give the magazine back or else.

Todd agrees to give her the magazine, and Starr storms out. Connie asks for the office, but Todd refuses to give it to her. He mentions he could have gotten rid of her, and Connie agrees to share the office with him.  

Tracy storms into the house, determined to get back at Alice. The two have an epic fight involving an oar and a fire poker.  Monica finally gets them to stop, and Tracy decides she wants to call the police on AJ.  Monica tells her Carly already did, so Tracy calls the police on Alice and Monica. Anna arrives to arrest them, personally. 

Carly interrupts Sonny and Trey's conversation, and informs Sonny that AJ is alive. She also tells him Dante arrested AJ.  Sonny figures the cops can handle it and only hopes Michael doesn’t hear about it, but Carly says Michael already knows.  She claims AJ played on Michael’s emotions and painted himself as the victim.  Sonny vows that AJ won’t take Michael away from him. 

Dante finds Lulu and tells her he was given the night off.  Lulu admits she’s been looking into surrogacy. 

Starr calls Michael to apologize that Todd knows AJ is alive.  Michael tells her Carly turned AJ in to the police.

Sonny visits AJ in his cell. 

Faison dons another Duke mask, and heads back to Port Charles.