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As The Ratings Rise: The Hollywood Reporter Names CBS Daytime Chief Among 'Fastest-Rising Stars'

What a difference a competent executive makes! Daytime soap opera, game and talk show fans likely noticed a familiar name amongThe Hollywood Reporter's recent Next Gen 2012 list. Angelica McDaniel, CBS Entertainment's senior vice-president for Daytime, was touted for her success overseeing The Price is RightLet's Make a Deal, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and most notably The Talk, which is the fastest growing show on network television. 


What is McDaniel's biggest piece of advice?

 To listen. People will always teach you something if you’re paying attention.

This explains why McDaniel is brave enough to sign up for Twitter. You can find the 35-year-old dynamo promoting her lineup, as well as engaging with soap actors, talk show hosts and fans @AngelicaMcD.

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I've been hella impressed with the way The Price is Right, Lets Make a Deal and The Talk have been cross-promoting Y&R and B&B since McDaniel took over. CBS Daytime feels much sturdier and less trigger happy than rival networks as a result. For a complete chart highlighting CBS Daytime's recent success in the Nielsens, keep reading!

CBS's top-rated Daytime lineup is posting year-to-year growth in viewers and women 25-54, with all of the Network's dramas, game shows and THE TALK showing gains.

    Viewers       W25-54

2011    CBS Daytime 3.30m  1.2/08

2012    CBS Daytime 3.51m  1.3/08

            +6%    +8%

2011    THE TALK     1.99m  0.9/06

2012    THE TALK     2.31m  1.0/06

+16%  +11%

2011    LET'S MAKE A DEAL2  2.53m  0.8/05

2012    LETS MAKE A DEAL 2  2.80m  0.8/05

+11%  nc

2011    LET'S MAKE A DEAL 1         2.17m  0.7/05

2012    LET'S MAKE A DEAL 1         2.41m  0.7/05

        +11%  nc

2011   THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL  3.08m  1.3/08

2012   THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL  3.36m  1.6/09

        +9%    +23%

2011    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2        4.75m  1.2/08

2012    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2        4.90m  1.3/09

        +3%    +8%

2011    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS      4.65m  2.0/13

2012    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS      4.75m  2.2/14

       +2%    +10%

2011    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1        4.01m  1.1/07     

2012    THE PRICE IS RIGHT 14.04m  1.1/07

        +1%    nc

Source: NTI/NHI (9/19/2011-11/4/2012)

Photo credit: CBS