Will EJ Bonilla's Marco Cause Nolan's Kinsey Scale to Swing Again on Revenge?


Nolan (Gabriel Mann) hasn’t been the luckiest guy when it comes to love on Revenge. In Season One he slept with Tyler (Ashton Holmes), who turned out to be a lunatic. Iin Season Two, his CFO/love interest Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria inadvertently revealed one of his most closely guarded secrets — that Emily/Amanda’s (Emily VanCamp) father helped start NolCorp. Now he could lose it everything Grayson Global.

Enter former Guiding Light star E.J. Bonilla, who will debut as Marco, a man from Nolan’s past, on Nov. 25. Based on the trailer, Bonilla’s character just might just help Nolan’s Kinsey Scale score swing in the opposite direction from Padma.

Watch the trailer for “Lineage” trailer after the jump!