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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny visits AJ in jail to discuss Michael.  AJ wants Michael to know the truth, but Sonny believes AJ will only guilt Michael into loving him. He declares AJ will never see Michael again. AJ reminds Sonny that Michael is his biological son, and Sonny is a glorified thug.  Sonny thinks AJ should be grateful he cleaned up the mess AJ left behind.  Sonny informs AJ he fought for everything he has, and wasn't given a thing.

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Sonny accuses AJ of playing the victim for Michael. AJ counters by saying Michael is a man now, and can decide things for himself. Michael shows up and feels uneasy seeing Sonny and AJ together. AJ reads Sonny the riot act for the meat hook incident and playing a major role in stealing his parental rights. Sonny claims he did what was necessary, and brings up AJ causing Carly's miscarriage by shoving her down the stairs.

Sonny continues his verbal assault on AJ and mentions kidnapping children. Sonny has never crossed that line when it comes to children, nor has he put their lives in danger. Michael calls Sonny a liar because Michael was shot in the head because of Sonny's actions. AJ is shocked and angered upon hearing the story because Sonny put Michael in danger.

Carly spots Monica and Alice being brought in the police station, and asks if the charges are aiding and abetting. She's surprised to hear their crime was assault on Tracy.  She tells Monica that AJ should have stayed at his previous location.  Monica knows Carly wouldn’t turn her back on her sons.  Carly fires back and says her sons wouldn’t commit the crimes AJ did. Monica chimes in that they would if a lying scheming bitch drove them to it.  Carly believes Monica wanted Michael to turn out like Jason and not AJ. She got her wish thanks to Carly.

Michael updates AJ on his shooting and assures his father he's fine. He stresses the incident wasn't Sonny's fault. Carly arrives and is angry to hear AJ yelling at Sonny and Michael. AJ accuses Carly of being as bad as Sonny in the parenting department.

Liz and Sabrina stop by the Q mansion to ask for help with the nurse’s ball.  Tracy is ready to write a check, until Liz says she’s asking for them to underwrite the event. She thought Edward, who deeply loved Robin, would do it on her behalf.  Tracy agrees, but asks if Monica would be involved.  Sabrina gushes the two would be working closely together, and Tracy decides not to fund the event.

Sabrina and Liz head to The Haunted Star to drown their sorrows, and run into Patrick and Britt.  Britt deliberately drops her hotel key card, and Sabrina picks it up. She quickly realizes what it means, and sulks when Patrick and Britt leave. Liz wonders why Sabrina is so down all of a sudden, and Sabrina explains the hotel key card. Liz asks if Sabrina has a thing for Patrick, and Sabrina admits her feelings, but swears it's just a crush. She knows Patrick would never fall for her, since she’s not like Britt. Sabrina only wants Patrick to be happy, but Britt isn’t the right person. She can see that Patrick it's ready yet.

Lulu expresses her feelings of uncertainty about surrogacy to Dante. Dante assures her they will be involved every step of the way. He's confident they'll make it happen, despite financial issues.  

Ellie moves in with Maxie, and Spinelli helps with the move.  Maxie sees Spin and Ellie kissing, and heads over to the Star to complain to Lulu.  Lulu says she needs to tell Spin the truth, but Maxie can't while Spin is dating Ellie. She'd be pegged a home wrecker if she broke up the happy couple now. Dante disagrees, and thinks she should follow Lulu's advice. Maxie tries to call Spin, but Lulu doesn't think it's wise to tell him over the phone. Maxie decides she’ll tell him tomorrow, since nothing will change overnight.

Ellie worries Maxie may have left because she and Spin were kissing, but Spin is doubtful Maxie cares. The two kiss again, and things start to get hot and heavy. Spin asks Ellie if she’s ready to take things to the next level. Ellie admits she’s been hurt before, and Spin promises he'll never hurt her.  After clearing the air on their feelings, the couple moves the action into the bedroom.

Patrick and Britt start kissing and she goes into the restroom to change. Patrick starts to unbutton his shirt, but sees his wedding band and stops. When Britt returns, he’s fully dressed and says he’s not ready to make love.

Diane arrives at the mansion, and tells Tracy to drop the charges against Monica and Alice. Diane points out the house belongs to Monica, and she’ll have Tracy evicted if things go any further. When Monica and Alice return, Tracy accuses Alice of betraying her. Alice says she protects the family, and AJ is a part of it. Tracy vows to make sure AJ spends his life behind bars.

Carly wants Michael to go home, but he's staying until AJ is arraigned. Sonny leaves as does Carly, but not before she reminds Michael that she and Sonny love him.