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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Faison calls Anna as “Duke”, and asks her on a dinner date.  Anna admits she missed him, and accepts the offer. Before Anna can hang up with "Duke", Robert bursts though the door. He's there because Luke called him from the Turkish prison and asked for his help.  Robert says Duke’s story checked out, but he feels Luke is right not to trust Duke.

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Anna’s angry with both Luke and Robert’s involvement in her life, and thinks they should butt out.  Robert says Anna is still grieving for Robin. Anna tears into Robert for trying to tell her what to do with her life. If she wants to believe Duke is alive, then she will.  Robert points out the significance of Anna wanting to believe it’s true. 

Robert feels it’s too convenient for Duke to show up now, while she is at her most vulnerable.  Anna doesn’t understand what there would be to gain from all this. She accuses Luke of being jealous and pulling Robert into his scheme. She tells Robert to stay out of it, and asks him to inform Luke they’re done. 

Lulu brings Olivia up to speed on the mess with the adoption agency.  Olivia is certain they’ll have their baby, and Lulu asks about a vision.  Olivia says it’s not something she can turn on or off. Lulu talks about surrogacy, but mentions it being expensive. Olivia offers her the money, and Lulu turns her down. 

Olivia runs into Duke at The Haunted Star, but sees Faison instead.  She does a double take, and sees Duke the second time. Duke asks for the night off, since he has special plans.  After he leaves, Lulu questions her stepmother. Olivia confesses Duke looked like someone really creepy at first glance.

Sonny complains to Dante about AJ returning from the dead. He hopes the charges will stick against his nemesis, despite Diane being the lawyer.  Sonny claims AJ is playing the victim and wants to steal Michael away.  Sonny has loved Michael from the beginning, and refuses to lose him. Dante changes the subject and brings up the adoption fiasco.  Dante tells Sonny about possibly finding a surrogate, but knows it’s too expensive.  Sonny proposes to pay for the surrogacy.

Dante understands Sonny has the best intentions, but can’t accept the money because of its origins.  Sonny was never able to give Dante anything growing up, and suggests getting the money from the legitimate coffee business.  Sonny doesn’t know how things will turn out with Kate, but he needs his entire family.  He advises Dante not to let his pride stop him from getting what he wants.

Dante swears it would just be a loan, and vows to pay Sonny back. However, before he can accept anything, he needs to speak to Lulu first.  Sonny says he would do anything for his sons.  Dante assures him he won’t lose any of them. 

Maxie leaves an urgent voice message for Spinelli, which Ellie overhears and wonders what's going on.  Maxie is shocked when Spin comes out of Ellie’s bedroom, and the two admit they spent the night together.  Spinelli leaves to get breakfast, and Maxie calls Lulu to complain.  Spin returns and Elle heads out to the hospital. Spin finally listens to Maxie's message, and wonders what is the urgent matter. Maxie tells him point blank that she wants him.

Sabrina is still upset Patrick and Britt spent the night together, and informs Liz she doesn't think Patrick's ready. Sabrina begs Liz not to let anyone know about her crush on Patrick. 

Liz spots Steven reading the newspaper article about AJ being alive, and wonders how he was pronounced dead.  Steve pretends to be oblivious, and figures AJ faked his death.  Liz brings up the nurses’ ball.  Steve warns her to be sure Tracy is in her corner, because she carries the most Quartermaine weight. 

Sabrina overhears Patrick and Britt discussing their aborted night together.  Patrick explains almost sleeping with her made him feel disloyal to Robin.  He promises he’ll be ready one day.  Britt claims she’s happy to wait and enjoys his company.

Sabrina joyously tells Liz that Patrick and Britt didn’t spend the night together, and believes there’s hope for her yet. Even though, she’s sure Patrick would never go for someone like her.  Sabrina has no idea Patrick is listening to her every word.

Robert stops by the Star to inform Lulu that Luke is okay. Lulu worries Robert's news means something is wrong.  Robert says Luke is still checking up on Duke, and feels he’s hiding something. 

Olivia stops by the hospital and recounts her latest vision to Steve.

Faison removes his Duke mask, as he prepares for his night with Anna.  Suddenly, Anna knocks on the door.