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General Hospital’s Anders Hove: “If Frank Valentini Needs Me Again, I’m There”

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General Hospital fans erupted on social media when "Duke Lavery" (Ian Buchanan) was unmasked as villain Cesar Faison, portrayed by favorite Anders Hove. TV Guide caught up with talented actor to discuss his surprising return and whether he’d come back again.

TV Guide Magazine: Will you be back for another run when the truth about Faison emerges?

Hove: I don't know. At least this time around Faison won't be dead — though that's never stopped him before! They'll probably send him to jail but maybe there will be more down the line. If [exec producer] Frank Valentini needs me again, I'm there. I will never let that show down. I'm so excited working with Finola Hughes and love that Faison is so obsessed with Anna. He's genuinely in love with her but has unusual ways to show it. His ability to love so deeply is the only redeeming thing about him. It's a lot of fun to do a character like that.  It gives you the liberty to behave horribly. I hadn't seen Finola for many years but we clicked again immediately. She's wonderful to work with and pretty damn demanding. But in a wonderful way. She is determined to squeeze absolutely everything out of a scene.

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