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SPOILERS: Cricket Causes Drama For Paul and Nina on The Young and the Restless!

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Cricket/Paul/Nina: The gumshoe is horrified when Cricket shows him a video of Ricky drowning his girlfriend Rachel. Cricket embraces a devastated Paul, which turns into a passionate kiss. Unfortunately for the pair, Nina walks in and spots the two swapping spit. Cricket tries to explain what caused the kiss, but Nina isn't trying to hear what her best friend has to say. Later, Cricket leaves to give Paul and Nina a chance to work things out.

Paul attempts to tell Nina what occurred, but Nina isn't buying what he's selling. Nina ends things with Paul, and heads back to Kay's house to pack up her things. Cricket visits Nina and attempts to convince her friend she has the wrong idea about her and Paul. Nina is unmoved by Cricket's speech and sticks to her guns.

In good news, Michael informs Paul he has dropped the murder charges against him. Paul is glad he doesn't have to spend time in jail, but is still troubled about killing his son. Cricket is ecstatic about Paul's freedom, but gets the shock of a lifetime when Paul suggests they rekindle their romance.

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