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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Faison prepares to open the door without his disguise, but pauses when Anna calls out for Duke. He asks her to wait a second, and puts on the Duke mask. Anna complains about Robert's arrival, thanks to Luke. She brings up the two men's suspicions about Duke, and Luke's trip to Turkey. Anna decides she’s moving out of Luke’s suite, and “Duke” suggests she move in with him.

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“Duke” wants to cook a meal for them, and Anna reminds him of the time he made a pizza with Robin.  She knows he was good to Robin, and “Duke” says he loved her. Later on, they sit down to eat and “Duke” thinks they should just focus on being together right now. Anna agrees and the duo shares a kiss. 

Robert thinks Duke is hiding something, and Lulu mentions Duke possibly having another face.  Robert's interest is piqued by Lulu's statement. Lulu explains Olivia’s vision of Duke having a different face.  Robert wants to speak to Olivia to find out whose face she saw.   

Patrick overhears Sabrina talking about a gorgeous doctor she has a crush on, and wants to know who she’s talking about.  Sabrina spots Steve and says it’s him.  Patrick is surprised, but reminds Sabrina that Steve has a girlfriend. She knows he’s taken, but it doesn’t stop her feelings. 

Spin is surprised when Maxie announces she’s in love with him.  Maxie dubs him her Mac, and can’t ignore her feelings any longer.  Spin is upset she didn’t tell him sooner, but Maxie says she tried repeatedly. Maxie reiterates she loves Spin, and feels he knew it at the Halloween party. However, he still chose to have sex with Ellie. Maxie says her heart is on the table, and wants to know whom Spin chooses as his lady. 

Michael visits Sam to discuss AJ.  She can’t believe he’s alive, but thinks he should be locked up.  However, Michael defends AJ by pointing out everyone's bad behavior in the situation. He doesn’t want his father going to prison.  Michael is upset his parents are still fighting over him, but AJ is his father.  Sam confesses if her father showed up, she’d want to get to know him. Sam advises Michael not to forget that Carly and Sonny love him.

Michael is hurt he can't talk to Jason about his latest problem. Sam swears she’ll find Jason and bring him home, because she believes he's still alive.  Sam gets Danny, and Michael gushes over him.  Michael is surprised at how much he looks like Jason, and Sam tells him about the real paternity results.   

Tracy hopes AJ wasn’t granted bail, but he soon walks though the door.  AJ shows Tracy his ankle monitor, which restricts him from leaving the house. AJ wants to see Edward, but Tracy forbids it because her father is sick. AJ is disappointed, but backs off. Tracy leaves the room, and AJ wonders how Monica came up with the bail money. Monica admits she put the house up for collateral, and Tracy overhears.

Tracy pretends Edward is not well, so Monica leaves to check on him.  While she’s gone, Tracy gets a call and informs AJ that Michael is injured at Sam's.  AJ removes his ankle monitor and rushes over to Sam’s.  Monica returns and wonders where AJ went, and Tracy plays dumb.  When AJ arrives at Sam’s and sees Michael is fine, he realizes Tracy set him up. 

Lulu and Robert run into Olivia and Steve.  Robert says he needs Olivia’s help.  He wants her to tell him about the person she saw instead of Duke at The Haunted Star. Robert asks if the man had scars or tattoos.  Olivia doesn't think so, but remembers he was smoking a cigarillo.  Steve thinks they need to make a picture of him, and asks for Liz’s help. 

Liz draws, as Olivia explains her vision.  When she’s done, Liz recognizes the photo and knows Robert will as well. She shows him the photo, and Robert is stunned to see Faison.