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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robert is stunned to see Liz’s drawing of Faison. Olivia wonders who he is and why she would see his face.  Robert explains Faison's dark history of being a master spy who’s supposed to be dead.  Liz calls Faison evil.

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Duke thinks there’s nothing stopping him and Anna from making love and being with each other. However, Anna wants to slow things down. Duke gets upset and begs her not to make him wait.  Duke asks if Robert's arrival has made her question her feelings for him.  Anna confesses something feels different about him, but she can't figure out what is. Duke says he changed in prison, but came back because he loves her. 

Michael is surprised to see AJ at his door, and AJ quickly realizes Tracy set him up.  Sam sees AJ and announces he is not welcome in her home.  Michael asks her to keep AJ until he can fix the situation.  Sam’s not interested because AJ belongs in prison, but ultimately agrees to let AJ hide out for a while. 

Monica hears a beeping noise and hunts down the source. She finds AJ’s ankle monitor, and asks Tracy about it.  Tracy plays dumb, and wonders why AJ would jump bail. She concludes he’ll never change, and walks out of the room.  Monica figures out Tracy had something to do with this. 

Maxie declares that she and Spin are meant to be together, and urges him to pick her. However, Spin says he cares about Ellie, and doesn't want to hurt her.   Spin reminds Maxie that she wanted to move on, but Maxie says Felicia and Mac's relationship changed her mind. Maxie wants have a happy ending with Spinelli.

Spin admits he waited for her as long as he could, but has moved on.  Maxie tells him not to throw his love for her away for a girl he barely knows.  Spin asks if she’ll still love him in a year, or if she’ll be drawn to someone darker and unattainable as always.  Maxie swears it would be different this time.  Spin can’t be happy with her if it comes at Ellie’s expense.  Maxie accuses him of staying with Ellie for the purpose of not hurting her feelings. She thinks he’ll hurt both of them if he chooses to stay with Ellie.  Spin wishes Maxie happiness, but he’s sticking with Ellie.

Lulu explains to Dante that Olivia had another vision and is talking to Robert about it.  She also mentions the surrogacy, and Olivia's offer to pay.  Dante tells her about Sonny's exact same proposal, asks if she’s okay with accepting money from his father.  Dante says his relationship with Sonny is complicated, but his father feels the need to do something good due to his loss of Jason and Kate. Dante thinks it would be okay to accept his offer. Before Lulu can answer, Dante gets the call about AJ and heads out. 

Robert questions Olivia’s success rate.  She rattles off all the times her visions were right, but admits they often make more sense after everything is said and done.  Liz inquires if Faison and Duke ever worked together.  Robert says Duke and Faison are connected through Anna.  Liz wonders if Faison would get surgery to look like Duke.  Olivia believes her visions are more about uncovering a hidden truth.

Robert wants to call and warn Anna, but Olivia worries they may be wrong. Robert realizes Anna won’t believe him and may tip off Duke.  He decides to acquire more proof before bringing his suspicions to Anna. He knows that he needs to move quickly or Faison will take her. 

Dante shows up at the mansion and wants to know AJ's whereabouts.  Monica doesn’t know, but Michael arrives and blames Tracy for sending AJ out.  Dante warns Michael to stay out of things, since he’s still an ex con.  Michael reminds Dante that he perjured himself when Sonny shot him, because he didn’t want his father to go to jail.  Tracy says AJ is at Sam’s. 

AJ tries to be friendly with Sam, as she’s his brother’s wife, but Sam knows Jason hasn’t forgiven him for the past. She thinks he’s using Michael to get back into everyone's good graces.  AJ wishes he could have done things differently, and offers his sympathy for Jason's death. Sam immediately shouts Jason is alive and coming back to her and their son.  AJ is surprised to hear about the baby and asks to see him.  Sam retrieves Danny and AJ gushes over the baby. He hopes Jason is alive, and then asks to hold the baby. 

Dante arrives and places AJ under arrest. AJ thanks Sam, and tells her she has a friend in him.

Maxie finds Lulu and sobs over Spin picking Ellie.  Ellie’s happy to come home to Spinelli and spend a quiet night together. 

Michael wants to call Diane for AJ, but Monica says it’s her responsibility.  Tracy taunts that AJ is going to jail, and the house will go up for auction. Tracy threatens to buy the house and evict Monica. 

Anna decides she needs more time and leaves. Duke becomes enraged and destroys the wedding picture of them.