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Alana Stewart Thinks Her Life Would Make a Great Soap Opera!


Have you ever found yourself reading the tabloids, or Perez Hilton and thought what a steamy, scandalous soap opera a certain celeb's life would make? Two-time Hollywood wife Alana Stewart thinks her rise from poverty in Texas to a New York modeling career—and later a pair of high profile marriages (George Hamilton, Rod Stewart)—would make the perfect sudser! 

Here's how Stewart responded when I asked her if she'd like to see her new memoir Rearview Mirror adapted:

Pop Confidential: Portions of Rearview Mirror—namely the horrifying passages about your being raped at knife point when you were only 18—read like the best of Hollywood movie scripts. Would you like to see the book adapted for television or film?

Alana Stewart: It's an interesting question, because when I read the completed version—and I wrote every word myself—I thought, "Wow, is this really my life story? It sounds like a novel or a movie. Did all this really happen to me?" So, yes, I could see it as a film or television movie. Or a soap opera!

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Wishful Casting: The Young and the Restless alum Marcy Rylan as a twentysomething Alana, Eddie Cibrian as George Hamilton and Sunset Beach's Clive Robertson as Rod Stewart!

For more of my chat with Stewart, where she talks about her experience documenting best friend, the late Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer for the Emmy-nominated documentary Farrah's Story, click here!

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