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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Monica’s upset with Tracy for duping AJ, but changes her attitude when AJ walks though the door. Diane was able to get him out on bail. Tracy and AJ argue until Monica interrupts, and announces Edward has taken a turn for the worse.  Tracy wants to call an ambulance, but Monica says it’s too late. Edward has made his wishes known, and doesn't have much time left.  AJ wants to see his grandfather, but Tracy refuses to allow it.

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Robert visits Patrick because he has a gift for Emma.  He apologizes about missing Robin’s funeral and Patrick mentions the long lost son.  Robert admits Ethan isn’t his, and updates him on the truth. Patrick understands Robert's reason for not wanting to accept Robin's death.  Robert tells him to spend as much time with Emma as possible, so as to not have any regrets.  Patrick knows both Robin and Emma are proud of Robert. He gives Robert the okay to give Emma her present at school.

Sam tells John the lead on Jerry didn’t pan out, but she still believes Jason is out there.  John wants her to slow down and take things into perspective. John's advice infuriates Sam.  John wants to hold Danny, but Sam thinks he's trying to be a Jason substitute. Sam knows Jason would hate him being there.  John decides to leave, but Sam declares she’s kicking him out. She shouts at him to leave her family alone. 

Carly’s annoyed to find Connie in Todd’s office, and almost hits the roof when she finds out they're sharing it because Connie has her old job back. Carly informs Todd that AJ is out on bail, and believes he’ll turn Michael against her.  She asks what Todd would do in her place, and he admits he’d kill anyone who would hurt his kids. He assures Carly he won't do anything to hurt AJ.  Connie interrupts to talk about sex with Johnny, so Carly attacks her. Todd breaks the two women up.  Todd promises Carly that she won’t lose her son.

Alexis is making small talk with Shawn when Sonny arrives, complaining about AJ. Sonny wants a restraining order, but Alexis reminds him Michael is an adult and can make his own decisions. She warns Sonny that he’ll only end up driving Michael away.  Sonny’s angry everyone gets to work the justice system against him.  Alexis is sure AJ will screw up, and thinks Sonny should wait it out. 

Michael understands AJ wants a relationship, and Starr wonders how he feels about that.  Michael knows they’ll never be one big happy family.  AJ calls both Michael and Sam to come to the mansion. 

Shawn offers Sonny his condolences about Jason.  Sonny says he lost Kate too, but knows she’s fighting to get out.  He mentions Jason usually handling things for him, and wonders if Shawn can help.  Shawn says he’s out of the business, but Sonny brings up his service during the Jerry situation. 

Tracy visits Edward and talks to him about running ELQ. She assures her father that everything is fine.  Tracy doesn’t want anything to upset him today.  Monica arrives in time to hear Tracy tell Edward that he’s invincible, and not to leave them.  Tracy and Monica hug. 

Alexis runs into John, and admits she’s worried about Sam.  John tells her he's been added to the list of people on Sam's angry list.  John asks about progress in the case, but Alexis says everything is tied up in the courts. She asks about John’s work status.  He says things are difficult in Llanview, and Alexis tells him to find another job to prove he can provide for his son. She hopes he’ll stay in PC, because Sam needs him. 

Monica is surprised to hear AJ called Michael and Sam to come over.  Michael sits with Edward and tells him that while they weren’t close, he admired him. Michael understands Edward did everything out of love. Michael loves him and will never forget him. He leans in and gives his great grandfather a kiss.

Sam introduces Daniel to Edward and confesses that Jason is his father, much to Monica’s delight.  She vows to make Edward proud.  Edward raises his hand, and Daniel grabs his finger. 

Tracy overhears AJ tell Starr that he wished he were able to make amends with Edward.  Tracy caves in and instructs AJ to go in and see Edward. By the time AJ gets to the room, Monica tells him Edward has passed away.

Monica breaks the news to Tracy and the others about Edward. Tracy can’t believe it, but Monica says Edward’s last word was “Lila”.