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Marlena and Kristen Spar on Days of Our Lives

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At the hospital, Kristen (Eileen Davidson) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) continued to debate her intentions for John (Drake Hogestyn).  Meanwhile, John awoke Marlena (Deidre Hall) with a red rose and offered to take her to breakfast. Kristen called while he was in the shower, but Marlena deleted the message.

Marlena received a call during breakfast stating one of her patients was in the hospital, so she and John rushed to emergency room. In passing, she learned Brady had been admitted. While Marlena visited her patient, John visited Brady.

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After seeing her patient, Marlena ran into Kristen, who told her what happened to Brady. Marlena was immediately suspicious of Kristen's story.  Kristen pointed out she’d called John many times, but he didn't respond. Kristen’s implication about Marlena was very clear to both.

A bit later in the hospital room, John started to get angry that Brady rescued Kristen, but she didn’t have the decency to call him. Marlena tried to pull him aside to tell him what she’d done. However, his anger intensified as Kristen showed up and said she had called him. Tuesday’s episode should be very fun, because I anticipate a lot of John Black scenery chewing. 

I’m more convinced than ever Brady and Kristen are going to end up in bed together.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) did her best to keep Gabi’s (Camila Banus) secret, but that didn’t stop her from meeting Will (Chandler Massey). She advised him to help Gabi, but couldn’t say why because she promised not to tell.  Of course, Will had already spoken with Gabi, but he didn’t let on. I think he got as much of a kick out of watching her squirm as I did. The best part about Days of Our Lives is still the Will/Sami/Marlena family dynamic.

Later, Will visited Gabi and told her he would never let her be alone in raising their child. He cited his mother as the reason he would never allow her to be a single parent.