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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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AJ finds Monica looking at Edward’s photo, and questions why Thanksgiving in the Quartermaine house is still happening due to the circumstances. Monica says Tracy insisted everything goes to plan to honor Edward. 

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Tracy’s visits the family crypt to tell Alan they’re father has passed away. She wonders how she can do this alone.  Ned arrives, and Tracy is thrilled he’s home.  He can’t believe Edward is actually gone, but reassures his mother they’ll survive, because that's just what Quartermaines do. Tracy believes Edward was the glue that held them together, and wonders what will become of the rest of them.  Ned thinks she’s the toughest of them all. 

AJ has a flashback of him and Edward.  Skye arrives with Lila Rae, and is thrilled to see AJ alive. The two have a happy reunion.  She also has a flashback of Edward.  Monica is happy to see Skye, who introduces her daughter to everyone.  Skye heads to the crypt to show Lila Rae her namesake’s grave, much to Tracy’s anger. 

Sonny stops by Michael’s to offer his condolences about Edward. Michael warns him not to turn Edward’s death into a contest between him and AJ.  Sonny swears he didn’t stop by to fight. Michael asks Sonny if he would really have killed AJ to keep him away. In turn, Sonny asks Michael if thinks what he did to AJ was wrong. He claims he only did it to protect Michael.  Michael wonders what he needed protecting from, since AJ was never given a chance.  Sonny believes he was a better father.  Michael says he needs to get to know AJ now, and Sonny warns him to be careful. 

Olivia and Steve are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly’s, when Olivia has a vision of Heather. However, it's only Shawn. Steve calls Ferncliff and checks on his mother. The asylum reports Heather is in her room resting. However, Heather is actually in disguise sitting at the counter at Kelly's, reading a newspaper article about Edward’s death.  Olivia talks about Monica’s losses, and AJ's surprise return from the dead.  Steve admits he helped fake the autopsy. 

Ned mentions Brook being on tour with Lois, and Dillon making a film in the Middle East. They both send their regrets for not being able to make it. AJ offers a truce for the day, but Ned isn’t ready to accept. Monica wants them to come together, because it would mean a lot to Edward.  Tracy accuses AJ of killing Edward, since he was the last one in the room.  Monica corrects Tracy and admits she was the last one in the room. By the time AJ arrived at the room, Edward was gone.

Tracy doesn’t want Skye to stay, but Monica insists and an argument breaks out. Heather sneaks into the parlor, and examines Edward’s will.  As Skye leaves the room, she accidentally comes across Heather. Heather grabs a knife and holds it to Skye’s throat. 

Michael wants them all to stop fighting.  Suddenly, Skye screams and everyone runs to her aide. They find Heather holding Skye hostage with the knife.  They all watch as she drags Skye backwards out of the room, only to be clocked in the head by Alice with a baseball bat.  Heather is being taken back to Ferncliff, as Steve and Olivia show up, shocked.  Later on, Heather sits in her room and chants about knowing something the Quartermaines don't. 

AJ likes what Michael said about family, but Michael quickly warns AJ they won't bond overnight. Monica says Edward loved Thanksgiving, and several flashbacks of Thanksgiving throughout the years are shown. Ned offers a toast to Edward and announces there will never be another like him.

The family discovers Heather ruined Thanksgiving dinner, and they’re favorite pizza place is closed.  While they all complain about being hungry, the doorbell rings and Alice finds a pile of pizzas waiting for them.  Tracy declares, like Edward always did, they sing first, and then eat. As the family lifts their voices, Edward and Lila watch over them, and then walk into the light together. 

In Loving Memory of John Ingle.  1928-2012