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Do Josh Elliott's Good Morning America Co-Workers Hate Him?

Josh Elliott reportedly isn't winning the Mr. Popularity contest on the set of Good Morning America, according toPage Six. A show insider allegedly leaked this tidbit to the New York Post column:


“Josh yells at staffers, including his own writers, saying things like, ‘Who the [bleep] wrote this?’ — while he is miked-up, so everyone in the studio can hear.” 

Oh Joshy, say it ain't so?! Well, his E.P. Tom Cibrowski reportedly did just that, saying Elliot was a "team player".  According to Page Six, however, Elliott's personal and professional behavior is such a sore spot, the brass at ABC had a meeting about it last week. Maybe this is why I've been hearing ABC News hopes to retool Good Afternoon America with Lara Spencer opposite a different co-host?

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Photo credit: ABC