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Why Bold and Beautiful's Stephanie Forrester Was Meant to Die in Brooke Logan's Arms

SPOILER ALERT: Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) will succumb to a lengthy battle with lung cancer Monday on The Bold and the Beautiful. The fashion maven will perish in the arms of her mortal enemy-turned-soulmate Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang).


I've seen a few gripes on Twitter and the blog about B&B deciding to have La Forrester die in Brooke's arms, as opposed to with Eric (John McCook), their children or favorite daughter-in-law Taylor (Hunter Tylo). People really need to brush up on their epic mythology. Who better for Stephanie to make the transition into the next life with, than the woman she spent so much time battling in this one? 

At the end of Gone With The Wind, Melanie wasn't anxious to say last, dying words to easily-relatable, sister-in-law India Wilkes. It was Scarlett, the woman who had spent the entire book/movie trying to take her man, whom Melanie needed to make eternal peace with.

Darth Vader didn't die alongside his favorite stormtrooper; it was Luke Skywalker he pulled the mask off for. Okay, so Luke was his son and all, but you get where I'm going!

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From the moment Brooke catered that party at the Forrester mansion, her destiny was intertwined—not so much with Ridge's (Ronn Moss)—but with Stephanie's. The Battle Axe from Beverly Hills saw a younger version of herself in the Slut From The Valley; which is why Stephanie desperately wanted to keep Brooke out of her family.

Like Brooke, a young Stephanie had no problem using sex to take a man away from the woman he loved, and that terrified Stephanie. For the first time ever, La Forrester saw a true threat to the place she obsessively held in the lives of her estranged husband and sons. She also resented Brooke for being so brazenly sensual. Although they both used sex as a weapon, Brooke had the audacity to enjoy the carnal act, and that simply wasn't proper!

As with any hero(ine)'s journey, both Brooke and Stephanie changed for the better along their stormy road. They even managed to find common ground, post-Stephanie's deadly diagnosis. Sure, it would have been more traditional, safe and boring for Stephanie to die surrounded by her various recast children, but on a larger, more epic scale, she was meant to die with Brooke Logan Forrester by her side.  Watch a sneak peek of Monday's B&B below.