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Will Jack's Addiction Cost Him Everything on The Young and the Restless? (SPOILERS)

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Jack's Back is Still Out of Whack: Old Smilin’ Jack is popping pain pills like candy this week on The Young and the Restless. The mood swings brought on by the medication are noticed by Phyllis and Adam. When Lil Victor spies Jack taking drugs, will he use the information to make a play for Newman?

Cane vs. Neil and Devon at Jabot: The Aussie con artist is stunned when his father-in-law tells him Devon has landed a job at Jabot. Cane cries nepotism, since he had to earn his position at Jabot. Child, stop! I guess Cane has forgotten Devon once worked at Newman Enterprises? Devon tries to ease his brother-in-law's fears by assuring him he isn't after his job. 

When Neil asks Cane to show Devon around Jabot, resulting in Cane missing out on some meetings, this serves to make Lily's hubby even saltier. Neil dismisses Cane's concerns, and later has him run a new business idea by Devon. All of this leads to Cane wondering if the Jabot CEO is still holding a grudge over certain past bumps in his relationship with Lily. 

Love is a Battlefield for Villy: Victor wants Billy out of his daughter's life once and for all. When the Abbott playboy doesn't budge, Victor makes good on his threat to inform a traumatized Victoria about even more of Billy's nasty deeds. Can Villy survive this latest blow?

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