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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The Quartermaines say their goodbyes to Edward in the crypt, but soon begin squabbling about AJ and his many mistakes. Michael steps up and stops the argument.   Tracy seems to be the family member struggling the most with Edward’s passing. AJ says a few words about Edward, and claims that his own ‘death’ changed him into the man he should be. He promises to make Edward proud.  Tracy places Edward’s cap on his tombstone. 

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Molly and Kristina run into Sam at the funeral and invite her to dinner.  As they’re leaving, Kris runs into Trey, who’s been living and working at the church since Maxie evicted him.  She offers to buy him lunch. 

Maxie has no interest in Spinelli now that he’s chosen Ellie over her.  Spin updates Sam on Maxie's latest confession, and the outcome of the situation. Sam asks what Spin would have done if Ellie wasn’t in the picture, but he doesn't think it matters. He changes the conversation topic to Jason’s investigation.  Sam admits John thinks Jason is dead, and wonders if Spin thinks the same thing.

Spinelli points out there is no proof that Jason is alive. He wants to believe in Jason's return, but he doesn’t have Sam's faith.  Ellie arrives, and apologizes for being late.  Spin introduces her to Sam and the baby.  She asks if Maxie was able to comfort him for the funeral in her absence, but he admits Maxie didn’t. 

Maxie wants Lulu to tell her what to do with her life, since she has no job or purpose.  Lulu explains about the failed adoption and the possible surrogacy.  Lulu says they met with potential candidates, but didn’t feel comfortable with any of them.  Maxie offers to be the surrogate for Lulu and Dante.

Molly joins Starr at Kelly’s, and tells her that she finished writing her novel.  Starr wants to check it out, and is thrilled with what she reads.  Starr asks if Molly will try to get it published, but Molly is sure no publisher would care.  Starr says her father is a publisher, and offers to get him to read it. 

Kristina wonders what Trey has planned for the immediate future.  He says he came to town to do the show with her, but is thinking of leaving since his father is gone.  Trey is unsure of his next move.

Diane arrives at the Quartermaine mansion for the reading of the will.  Diane lists the grandchildren, which include Skye, Jason, Ned and Dillon, but not AJ.  Michael points out that AJ is also a grandchild, but Diane mentions he was dead when the will was made. However, the will states, ‘living grandchildren' and AJ is now alive, so Diane includes him.  They receive 60% of Edward’s ELQ shares.  Tracy is shocked, since this leaves her with 40%. 

Diane continues on that 30% of the shares will be divided between the great grandchildren, Maya, Lila Rae, Michael, Brooke and Danny.  Tracy can't believe she's only been left with 10%, but Diane breaks it to her that the remaining percentage is to be split between Monica and Alice. 

Tracy is shocked her father left her nothing.  Ned asks about the dispersal of Edward's cash and material possessions.  Diane says 50% goes to Habitat for Humanity, and the rest to PBS.  After everyone leaves, Diane pulls out a box and admits Edward left her something.  Tracy opens it, and finds a jar of Lila’s homemade relish.