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Rafe Goes Caveman on Days of Our Lives

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Will (Chandler Massey) went with Gabi (Camila Banus) to the abortion clinic. Meanwhile, Rafe (Galen Gering) and Sami (Alison Sweeney) frantically phoned around Salem to try and find his sister. In the waiting room, Will tried to convince the receptionist to let him go in back to be with Gabi.

Later, when Rafe and Sami arrived at the clinic, he immediately tried to get to his sister.  Rafe’s “I am alpha male, hear me roar” shtick fell flat for me on Monday. Gabi eventually showed up in the waiting room. Did she go through with the procedure? I will be shocked if she did.

I just loathe this story from A to Z. While many find Will and Sonny (Freddie Smith) to be a cute coupl,e and they occasionally have a nice moment, I still find them infinitely boring. There is so little of interest going on between them. Days of Our Lives is trying to artificially plant a roadblock and force drama by having Gabi get pregnant. Now we have had to endure crap scenes like the other day when Will said he and Gabi should get married! If Will and Sonny generated more organic drama, we wouldn't need story larks like this.

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Nick (Blake Berris) has also fallen victim to this plot, which is attempting to cram gay rights, gay relationships and abortion into a single storyline. I don't remember Nick being portrayed as a Neanderthal the last time he was in Salem. Even when he was stalking people and commiting murder, he never read like homophobic jerk.

When DAYS first revealed Will was gay, the story and character showed tons of promise. Post coming out, I have found it consistently disappointing, boring and contrived. At least DAYS proved it believes in equal opportunity — bad stories for the straights and the gays!

Brady (Eric Martsolf) arrived at Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) office, just as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Ciara (Lauren Boles) were leaving.  The stepbrothers ended up about Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and her ability to be redeemed. 

Nicole broke into  Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) house to make ammends, and Jenn actually accepted her apology. Now she should change the locks

Even more time was wasted on Daniel (Shawn Christian), as Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) buzzed around Salem being a busy body in her insta-son’s love life.

Days of Our Lives is certainly the most boring soap on the air right now. It just sits there on my TV screen, treading water and reminding me of Guiding Light's last year or so. GL had a strong cast, but did little of interest with them. DAYS is doing the exact same thing.