Bill and Brooke Engage in a "Grief Kiss" on Bold and Beautiful

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Katie (Heather Tom) returned home, excited to reunite with her husband Bill (Don Diamont). With her new outlook on life, Katie practically glowed with anticipation of reclaiming her life and family. She’s going to be in for a shock, isn’t she?

Unfortunately for Katie, Bill was with a grieving Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) at Big Bear.He was helping his sister-in-law search for the ring Stephanie (Susan Flannery) gave her before dying.

We’ve seen grief sex on soaps many times, but would you call Bill smooching Brooke a grief kiss? After all the years of Stephanie and Brooke going to war, in part because Stephanie loathed Brooke’s promiscuity, it seemed a bit ironic that less than 24 hrs after Stephanie died Brooke was kissing Bill.