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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy shows Ned the jar of pickle relish, and he thinks there must be more to it.  Tracy can't figure out if there is a message behind her inheritance.  Ned reminds her that she’s still CEO, but Tracy is sure someone will get enough shares to oust her, likely AJ. 

Skye finds AJ in the crypt telling Edward that he wants to make him proud.  She advises AJ to make himself and Michael proud first. She also tells him not to worry about the charges against him, because Diane is a shark in court.   AJ knows Tracy won’t let him near the company, but Skye says there may be a way to force Tracy to give up control. Skye brings up Tracy investing mob money in ELQ, but unfortunately no longer has the information in her possession. 

Maxie tells Lulu that she’ll carry the baby for her, but Lulu points out all the down sides, like weight gain and hormone treatments.  Maxie believes she’d wear the stretch marks with pride.  Maxie feels she needs to do something positive, but Lulu doesn’t want Maxie to solve one problem with another.  Maxie questions if Lulu thinks she’s incapable of an unselfish act. Lulu assures her that she can be generous.  Maxie angrily says she’s moving on and storms off. 

Mac meets with Robert, who explains his theory that Faison has stolen Duke’s identity to get to Anna.  He recounts Olivia’s vision and Liz’s drawing, and asks for Mac’s help in retrieving Faison’s PCPD file.  Mac no longer has access, but Robert convinces him to get the info since Anna may be in trouble. 

Felicia brings Anna lunch, and the two discuss the many men in Anna’s life.  Anna admits she’s confused about Duke, because things don't feel right between them. Anna briefly leaves and runs into Mac. She sees that Mac has Faison’s file, and he quickly covers. 

Johnny comes across "Duke" on the docks, angrily snuffing out his cigar. He wants to know why "Duke" would want to work as a bartender.  Johnny’s aware of "Duke’s" past, and warns that he runs a legit business.  "Duke" assures him that he’s trying to rebuild his life. 

Blair talks to Starr about being at her upcoming wedding.  Blair wonders if Todd is turning Starr against her, but Starr says she’s supportive of the wedding despite her father's feelings.  Blair tells Starr about her wedding to Todd, and how wonderful it was. However, it doesn't matter because she's happy and getting married to Tomas.  Starr promises to be there.

Robert runs into "Duke" on the pier, and the two make small talk about Anna choosing "Duke".  Robert makes the comment that Anna has always loved Duke Lavery like no other, which doesn’t seem to sit well with “Duke”.

Mac gives Robert a copy of the file, and tells him Faison’s body was never found.  Robert figures Faison is using Robin’s death to get to a grieving Anna, and needs proof. 

Felicia leaves Anna, as “Duke” arrives.  He goes to kiss her, but she backs away and asks if he’s been smoking.  “Duke” admits he picked it up in Turkey, but he’s trying to quit. 

Lulu tells Dante that Maxie offered to be a surrogate, and worries they won’t find someone suitable.  

Skye comes onto Johnny, who quickly realizes she wants the information on Tracy back. He refuses to give it to her. 

Ned and Tracy try to figure out how many shares they could acquire, while Skye and AJ do the same.  Ned and Tracy realize they could procure 41% by getting Ned, Dillon, Brooklyn, Alice, and Maya's shares. Skye and AJ figure they could have 41% by obtaining Skye, Lila Rae, Monica and Michael's shares. Both camps recognize Sam and Danny's shares are the key factors in controlling interest of ELQ. The two sides begin to think of a way to get Sam on their respective sides. 

Tracy declares she’s not giving up, and Ned says she can count on him.  The two hug, and Tracy admits she was a terrible mother. He jokingly agrees, but also believes she was amazing. Ned assures his mother that her two sons love her.  He suddenly understands why Edward left her the jar of relish, and gets them hotdogs.

On the docks, Robert spots Duke’s cigar on the ground and picks it up. 

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