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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael visits AJ and the two discuss ELQ. AJ informs Michael of his desire to be ELQ CEO, and hopes to acquire the right amount of shares.  He explains that if he had Michael's percentage of the shares, he and Tracy would be tied. Then, Sam would be the deciding factor in the race. Michael wonders if AJ is asking for his help, and mentions his father's previous scandal of embezzling money at ELQ. AJ wants to make amends for everything, and teach Michael the ways of business. 

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Michael doesn’t seem interested, which makes AJ question why he’s pulling away.  Michael refuses to choose between his parents or AJ.  AJ knows Sonny doesn’t like hearing the word no, and resorts to violence when he does. 

Carly runs into Skye and the two get into a war of words.  Skye accuses Carly of being the town slut, and figures Michael will see through his mother soon enough.  The two get into a slap fest that turns into an all out catfight. Luckily, Shawn and Max break them up. Skye’s worried her iPad was broken in the fight, and checks to make sure it's okay. However, she's shocked to see Blair and Tomas’ wedding announcement. Both women think Tomas has an uncanny resemblance to Lorenzo. 

Skye explains her dislike of Blair, which amuses Carly.  Skye can’t believe Lorenzo would be alive, or even if it's possible. Carly has an idea of who to ask to get more details on Tomas. 

After interviewing surrogates, Lulu’s discouraged. Dante thinks Maxie is too impulsive to be a focused surrogate.  They have a new candidate, who seems very nice until she starts asking for extra money.  Lulu assures her everything would be worked out in the agreement, but the surrogate brings up another couple's generous offer. Lulu feels manipulated and says they aren’t buying a baby.  The surrogate leaves, but tells them to lower their expectations.    

Spin is trying to get Maxie to talk to him, when an angry Ellie arrives. She found a photo from their non-wedding, and is more than upset the two didn't disclose their true relationship to her. Spin explains what happened with the wedding, but he and Maxie remained friends.  Maxie assures Ellie that Spin has moved on with Ellie. After Maxie leaves, Ellie presses Spin, and he admits Maxie declared her love for him last week. 

Starr drags Molly to see Todd, only to find him upset about Blair’s upcoming marriage. He flips out even more when Starr says she's okay with it.  Todd insists she not attend, but Starr has to because it's her mothers wedding. Starr steers Todd’s attention to Molly, and mentions the novel she wrote. She honestly believes he should publish it, because it’s good. 

Todd’s not interested, so Starr points out that Molly is Sam's baby sister. Todd realizes what Starr is saying to him, so he agrees to at least give it a look. However, Starr wants him to read it right now.  Todd asks Molly what the book is about, and is intrigued when Molly explains it’s about lost love. 

Carly stops by to ask Todd about Tomas. 

Maxie visits Lulu to talk about what just happened with Spin. Before Maxie can say anything, Lulu asks if she still wants to be their surrogate. 

Sonny arrives at the coffee warehouse, where he’s holding Connie captive.  The doctor he hired to get Kate to emerge has had enough of Connie’s wild ways and quits.  Connie screams that Sonny can’t do this to her, because people will notice she’s missing.  Sonny begs to differ, and finds no messages on her phone.

Sonny wonders why she’s with Johnny, when he’s so weak.  Connie taunts him by asking about Milo.  Sonny wants to know why she hates him so much, and trashed his life with Kate. He continues and says if Connie is the host, then she’s the one who fell in love with him all those years ago. Connie believes she was raped because of him. 

Sonny is floored that Connie blames him for her rape. However, Connie knows Joe did it because Sonny was the chosen one.  She’s angry Sonny wasn’t there to protect or save her.  Sonny swears he would have stopped Joe if he had known, and promises he won't let anyone hurt her now.  He pleads with Kate to come back to him, as Michael arrives and sees what's going on.