Ex-General Hospital Star Senait Ashenafi Booked For Public Intoxication on Airplane


Where is Super Jase (Steve Burton) when you need him? TMZ is reporting former General Hospital star Senait Ashenafi (ex-Keesha) was arrested last weekend at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport for public intoxication.

According to the site, Ashenafi's legal troubles began when she boarded a flight and caused a raucous over her seating arrangement not being in first class.

The actress was reportedly also upset when she learned her carry-on luggage wasn't placed in the overhead bins, because of spacing issues. Things took a nasty turn for Ashenafi when she allegedly pushed a flight attendant during the alleged meltdown.

Afterwards, the flight's crew booted Ashenafi off the airplane, where police officers were awaiting her arrival on the gateway. Authorities smelled the alcohol coming from Ashenafi, prompting them to arrest her for public intoxication.