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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny almost gets through to Kate, but Michael’s arrival breaks the connection. Connie returns and Sonny is disappointed. Michael is shocked by his father’s actions. Connie begs Michael to call the police, but Sonny knows he won’t.  Michael points out Sonny kidnapped Connie, much like he did to AJ all those years ago. Sonny’s angry that Michael has been listening to AJ. 

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Michael tells Sonny to free Connie, and Connie threatens to call the police.  Sonny orders her not to, because he'll make it look like she tried to kill him.  Sonny unties her, and she warns him never to do this again before storming off.  Sonny complains that he was so close to Kate before Michael showed up.  Michael says Sonny has only himself to blame. 

Lulu informs Maxie that they want to take her up on her offer. Maxie wonders if they’re doing it because she’s the last resort.  Lulu says Maxie is like a sister to her, and knows that she wants to help because she’s a kind and generous person.  Maxie agrees to carry their baby. 

Lulu explains everything that's involved, including needles, catheters and possibly multiples.  All the color fades from Maxie's face, and Lulu assures her it's okay to be scared. She asks Maxie if she's sure about doing this.  Maxie declares that she is ready to give them a family.

Ellie is upset Maxie declared her love for Spinelli so recently, and asks if he’s still in love with Maxie.  Ellie wonders how long it will be before Spin breaks up with her, but he says he’s already chosen her.  Ellie doesn’t understand why, because Maxie is so wonderful and he loved her. Spin used to love Maxie, but he’s moved on with Ellie. 

Ellie asks if Spin would have taken Maxie back, if they hadn't met. Spin admits he waited a long time for Maxie, but they just aren’t right for each other. He feels he can be himself when he’s with Ellie.  The two make love on the couch and in the afterglow; Ellie decides she needs to move out. She suggests moving into Spin’s office with him, but Spin doesn't seem thrilled with the idea. 

Molly tells TJ about her novel, and it possibly being published by Todd Manning. She also gives TJ a copy to read. TJ is surprised she didn’t tell him before, and Molly confesses the only people who know are Todd and Starr. She affirms no one else can know it exists. 

Todd’s confused by Carly and Skye’s sudden interest in Tomas. Carly shows him an online photo of Lorenzo, and Todd puts the pieces of the puzzle together.  She explains that Lorenzo was killed, but the body wasn’t recovered. Therefore, Tomas could be Lorenzo.  Todd is thrilled, because he thinks this is the end of Blair and Tomas. 

Todd updates Carly on Tomas' story, and Tea not knowing his whereabouts for several years. Skye believes Tomas’ absence of time to everyone could have been when Lorenzo was in Port Charles.  Todd can’t wait to tell Blair, but Carly warns him that Blair won’t believe him. She concludes they need more information before approaching Blair.  Todd decides to head to Llanview, and both women want to tag along. 

Connie returns to her office to eat lunch, and spots Molly’s novel. She picks it up and begins to read. 

Blair and Tea are celebrating the upcoming nuptials.  Tea thanks her for being there after the loss of her baby.  The two complain about Todd and his many faults, and then talk about how wonderful Tomas is in comparison.  Blair is grateful Tomas comes with no drama, and has put his CIA past behind him. When Blair begins to wonder where Tomas could be, she gets a knock at the door. Blair opens the door thinking it’s him, but finds Carly, Skye and Todd on her doorstep.

Todd announces he’s there to stop the wedding.