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Will Victor Succeed in Busting up Billy and Victoria on The Young and the Restless? (SPOILERS)

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Billy/Victoria/Victor: The Black Knight has had enough of his son-in-law's shenanigans, and is hellbent on revealing Billy's secret about the Los Angeles fiasco to his daughter. Billy begs Victor to wait until Victoria has fully recovered from her kidnapping ordeal. We all know how well Victor takes orders.  The Mustache goes to see Victoria and rats Billy out.

A devastated Victoria demands both Victor and Billy leave her alone while she processes the truth. Later, Victoria opens up to Nick about her ordeal. Afterwards, Victoria informs Billy he can stay at the house while she makes a decision about her next move. Is "Villy" over?

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Look for Victoria to be upset, but still determined to work out her marriage. She and Billy will attempt to focus on the good times.

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Jack/Victor: It seems like Mr. Mumbles will have a hard time staying out of anything involving an Abbott. Victor swings by to visit Jack, and discovers the medication Old Smilin' is taking. Victor starts to do some digging into Jack's prescriptions, and discovers his nemesis is addicted to pills. Watch for Victor to use this latest information to his advantage in his war against Jack.

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