General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Anna asks Mac to talk some sense into Robert. However, she admits Duke feels different somehow.  As they continue to chat, Maxie bursts in and announces she’s going to have a baby with Dante.  After the confusion dies down, Maxie explains that she’s going to be a surrogate for Lulu and Dante.  Mac thinks she may be getting in over her head.  Maxie knows he wouldn’t say that if it was Robin, and Mac quickly denies her claim. Anna takes Maxie's side and acknowledges Mac's strong trust in Robin. 

Anna feels Maxie has earned Mac’s trust, but Mac wants Maxie to understand the emotional cost.  Maxie assures him she’s ready.  Anna believes Maxie is doing a beautiful thing, but wants her to be absolutely sure in her ultimate decision. Mac mentions Maxie's heart transplant, and she promises to tell the doctor everything. She also vows to follow all the rules. Finally, Mac gives Maxie his blessing. 

"Duke" leaves a voice message for Anna to meet up with him for a chat. Robert and Olivia arrive at The Haunted Star in hopes of Olivia receiving another psychic flash.  Unfortunately, Olivia doesn’t see anything. Sonny shows up and "Duke" introduces himself. He immediately asks about Jason’s shooting, which piques Robert's interest. 

Britt overhears Sabrina and Liz talking about her fake crush on Steven. Patrick and Steve declare they want to help with the nurse’s ball, and the four head into a conference room to discuss.  Britt crashes the party and decides Sabrina and Steve should work together. She pretends she didn’t realize Sabrina’s feelings were one sided.   An embarrassed Sabrina runs out of the room, and Liz reassures her it will all blow over. Britt's latest stunt doesn’t sit well with Liz.

Sonny thanks Shawn for his help with Connie, and asks if he can call on him again should the time come. Alexis overhears, and starts to ask questions. Sonny leaves, and Shawn tries to deflect.  Shawn says he’s just working with Sonny in regards to coffee, but Alexis accuses him of lying. In turn, Shawn confesses he kidnapped Connie. 

He tries to explain that Sonny just needs someone on his side, now that Jason is gone. However, Alexis can’t believe he’d even consider working for Sonny.  Shawn points out that she’s working for Sonny, but Alexis is worried he’ll get hurt. She cares about him.  Shawn admits he cares for her too, and promises he won’t take any risks.  They kiss, and then make love. 

Dante and Lulu inform Sonny and Olivia of their surrogacy plans involving Maxie. Both parents are surprised by their decision, because Maxie tends to be a little flighty.  Suddenly, Olivia has a vision of Lulu holding a stuffed dog as a baby.  Olivia eventually offers her congratulations, but tells them to go into this with their eyes open. Sonny gives them a check, which the couple appreciates.  He hopes to have a chance to be a good grandfather.  Lulu worries about Olivia’s initial reaction to the surrogacy.  

Sabrina apologizes, and swears she can be a professional. Liz suggests Patrick work with Sabrina because he's better than Steve at asking for money. As punishment, Liz assigns Britt to publishing where she can work alone.  Olivia walks up to Steve, but sees Patrick instead. 

Blair decrees no one will stop the wedding, because Tomas is a wonderful man.  Todd says he isn’t Tomas, and Skye pipes in that he’s her baby’s daddy Lorenzo.  Blair blames Todd, who promises the information did not come from him.  Carly and Skye show the ladies several pictures of them with Lorenzo. Skye confirms he’s an international criminal.  Todd also gives Blair news articles about Lorenzo, but she and Tea assume Todd made everything up.

Blair calls Tomas, but Skye grabs the phone and asks if it’s Lorenzo.  Blair and Skye get into it, until Tea and Carly break them up. Tea banishes the women to separate rooms. 

Todd asks Tea how she's holing up. Tea admits she misses her son. Todd swears he never meant to hurt her.  Blair receives a text from Tomas that states he's on the way. Soon after, the doorbell rings. 

Anna visits "Duke" at his place. He has something important to tell her about his true identity.

Robert heads over to Windermere, and discovers Helena.