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Maggie Wants Jennifer to Butt Out of Daniel’s Life on Days of Our Lives

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Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) expressed her concern about Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) surgery around Salem. She demanded Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) talk Daniel out of his insane decision to have surgery. Maggie told Jennifer that she’d always love her, but wished Jennifer would butt out of Daniel’s life.

At the church, Eric (Greg Vaughan) offered Nicole (Arianne Zucker) a job, but she quickly turned it down. Eric insisted Nicole apologize to Daniel for everything. Surprisingly, Nicole agreed to Eric's request.

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A bit later, Marlena arrived with cookies for Eric. He asked her if everything was okay. At first, she said yes, but soon revealed the truth. She confessed to her son that her life is spinning out of control.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Roman (Josh Taylor) were surprised to see that Caroline (Peggy McCay) had returned to Salem. Apparently, her treatment went very well.

Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen (Eileen Davidson) continued to ooze sexual chemistry. They shared a tender moment when he cared for her injury from an earlier run in with Marlena (Deidre Hall). I wonder how long it will be before they jump each other’s bones?