General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Helena’s not happy to see Robert, since he apparently helped Nikolas hide from her. She mentions Robert never paying for Mikkos' death, and wonders what he wants. Robert needs information on Faison, but Helena claims Faison is dead.  Helena questions why Robert is inquiring about Faison. Robert explains his theory, and Helena thinks Robert is making the whole thing up in an effort to get Anna back. 

Dante wants to celebrate his and Lulu's future parenthood, but Lulu’s having reservations about Maxie’s inability to take care for herself.  Dante thinks they should be with Maxie at all times, when they aren’t at work. However, Lulu points out they wouldn't have any time for them. She comes up with idea to have Maxie live with them.  Dante is against Lulu's suggestion, and knows they can work up a contract that would be beneficial to everyone. The two make love. 

Maxie returns home, and Ellie wants to settle things between them.  Maxie assures her that Spinelli has moved on, and so has she. She tells them about her plan to be a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. Ellie thinks it’s a noble cause, and a blessing for the parents.  Spin wonders if Maxie is getting in over her head, but Maxie feels it’s none of his business.

Spin worries about Maxie, but Ellie says she’s doing something truly unselfish.  Later on, Spin confronts Maxie alone, but she refuses to let him judge her. Maxie brings up Spin's choice and storms off.

Duke admits to Anna that he's not the man he used to be. He blames the twenty years he spent in prison for his change, but wants Anna to get to know the new him.  Anna asks him to respect her need to take things slowly.  Duke agrees, but at the same time, doesn’t want to lose her. He asks her to go away with him for a few days of skiing on their favorite mountain. He gets the name wrong, and Anna corrects him.  Anna agrees to think about his trip proposal.

Todd opens the door to find CIA agent Theodore King, who informs everyone that Tomas has been called back to duty and is on secret assignment.  He proclaims the wedding is off, which angers Blair, but thrills Todd.  Carly wants to know if Tomas is Lorenzo, but Agent King claims to know nothing. Blair tries to use her Aunt Dorian Lord's name to sway the agent, but it doesn't work. 

Blair thinks Todd is behind Tomas’ disappearance, and slaps him.  Carly vouches for Todd's innocence in the situation. Blair backs down and decides to go with Tea and Skye to track down Tomas.  Carly questions Todd about his possible involvement with Tomas, and he swears he had nothing to do with it. Carly believes Tomas' disappearing act gives Todd a chance to woo Blair back, and wonders if that’s what he truly wants. 

Robert runs into Anna and attempts to tell her about Duke/Faison. However, he can't find the right words to say, and misses his chance.

Helena calls Faison and tells him about her visit with Robert.