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Will Nikki Learn The Truth About Sharon on The Young and the Restless (SPOILERS)?

Nikki/Chelsea/Sharon: The socialite and the grifter bump into each other at On The Boulevard. When Chelsea tries to chit chat with Nikki, the diva is a little snotty with her. Nikki apologizes right after her outburst and confides in Chelsea how the two aren't so different, as Nikki was just like her when she was younger (Say what?).


The pair begins talking about the Newman Ranch fire. Nikki admits she doesn't know who the culprit was, but remarks it isn't kosher for someone to destroy a family's history and memories. Chelsea is moved by Nikki's words, as this is pretty much what Sharon is doing to her and Adam's relationship. Will Chelsea tell Nikki who burned her home to the ground?

Victor/Adam: Mr. Mumbles gives his prodigal son the ammunition he needs to take Jack down.

Nick/Noah:  When Avery cajoles the Newman playboy into buying a nightclub, he asks his son to come work for him. Before father and son can start bonding over mixed drinks, Phyllis snitches to Nick about Noah spending time with Sharon. Nick isn't fazed by Noah seeing his mother, but he is upset with his son for lying about it.

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