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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Felicia visits Maxie and expresses her discontent with Maxie's decision to be a surrogate mother.  Felicia says she almost lost Maxie as a child, but Maxie is quick to reassure her mother the doctor will know about the transplant.  Felicia worries Maxie won’t be able to walk away from the baby, but Maxie points out that Felicia had no such problems. She immediately apologizes for the comment, because it's all in the past now. Felicia is still distressed about the situation, but promises to stand by Maxie. She even offers to take her to the hospital for her appointment. 

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Robert asks for Dante’s help in uncovering Duke's true identity. He wants Dante to bring Duke into the station, and see how he reacts when asked about Faison.  Dante is certain Faison would see right through him, and beat the system.  Robert brings up plastic surgery, and wonders if Dante can get a warrant.  Dante agrees to help Robert because Robert’s name still carries a lot of weight at the station, but warns Robert to let him do things his way. 

John tells Anna that he needs a job in order to appear more stable for his son.  He asks for a position in Port Charles, since he can’t get one in Llanview.  Anna thinks he could he could be Dante’s partner, since Officer Padilla has left for New York.  John agrees, and his first assignment is to find out who shot Jason Morgan.

Dr. Albright’s in town, and Duke updates her on Robert's suspicions. He orders her to get rid of Robert.  She mentions if something were to happen to Robert, all fingers would be pointed in Duke's direction. After Duke leaves, Robert breaks into his apartment.  Dr. Albright hides, and makes a quick escape when Robert goes into another room. She calls Duke and tells him about Robert.

Sabrina’s excited about her breakfast date with Patrick to discuss the Nurses’ Ball.  She confides in Felix about Patrick, and they discuss the details of the Nurses’ Ball.

Lulu informs Patrick of her decision to allow Maxie to be her surrogate. He sings Maxie’s praises, and assures her that Maxie is a wonderful choice.  Britt walks up, saying she’s Lulu’s doctor and they need to get started.  

Tracy invites Sam to the mansion for tea, but AJ quickly tells Sam that Tracy is after the Morgan’s 18% shares in order to get control of ELQ.  Sam questions the shares Jason already had, but Tracy says all other shares were subordinate to Edward's. He reacquired them all prior to his death.  Tracy knows she’s done an excellent job as CEO, and accuses AJ of trying to solicit Sam’s shares.  Sam soon realizes her votes hold all the power in the battle for ELQ.

AJ reminds Sam of how Tracy treated her in the past, and things she could gain some serious payback by having her fired. Tracy tells Sam that ELQ is Danny’s legacy, and she shouldn't let AJ manipulate her.  After Tracy leaves, Sam informs AJ that she doesn’t want anything to do with ELQ, and believes Tracy has been doing a good job.  AJ asks if she’ll join him for tea, and Sam agrees. 

Sam thanks him for calling her when Edward was dying so he could meet Danny.  AJ confesses his desire to make Edward proud, and get things right.

John stops by the Quartermaine mansion to ask Tracy about Joe’s involvement with Jerry.  He wonders if she ever overheard Joe talking to someone who would have been in charge.  As Sam is leaving, she apologizes to John for snapping at him the last time they were together.  John tells her it's okay, and she was right. He’s got a job on the PCPD force, and is officially on Jason's case.

Sabrina and Patrick meet, and she conveys her plan to ask the Port Charles One Percenters to donate to the Nurses’ Ball.  Patrick bursts her bubble a little when gives her some background of the crew and their money. Carly's money is tied up in the hotel, Sonny and Johnny's money is dirty, and Tracy has already turned her down. He doesn’t know about Todd, but feels he wouldn’t want to donate.  Sabrina is surprised to hear about Sonny's mobster ways, since she saw photos of him and Robin together.  Patrick brings up his unresolved feelings about Sonny shooting a gun in his home, and Sabrina holds his hand in comfort. 

Maxie and Dante arrive at the hospital and join Lulu for the doctor's appointment. Britt begins by assuring Maxie they will be monitoring Maxie’s anti-rejection medications, but the transplant should not interfere with the surrogacy.  Britt goes over the entire procedure in detail, and tells them it will have significant demands on all of them, especially Maxie.  Maxie and Lulu are sure of their decision, and hold hands in preparation to get things started. 

Duke runs into Anna, and presses her about going away on their trip.  He gets the call about Robert from Dr. Albright, and tells Anna that someone has broken into his place. He needs the police, so the two head over there.  Anna catches Robert red handed, and is furious he illegally entered Duke’s apartment. Duke claims he won’t press charges, and Robert tells Anna that she’s being played.  Anna accuses Robert of being arrogant, and trying to dictate her life.  Robert says he’s trying to save her life, and ousts Faison as Duke.