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Does Neil Need an Inappropriate Relationship on The Young and the Restless?


I love Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren’s (Tracy Bregman) parenting.  Every time Fen (Max Ehrich) acts out and Michael goes “Hey, hey!”,  I smile. The three of them got into a fight over a breakfast intended to help them bond. Both parents realized that Fen has a major crush on Summer.

Both Michael and Lauren were shocked when Jamie (Daniel Polo) later told them that he and Fen knew each other and didn’t get along. Lauren picked up on the fact that Jamie might be afraid of Fen.

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When Fen returned to the coffee house, Lauren tried to smooth things over with Jamie and Fen, but it didn’t go well. Fen started acting like an ass. His mother promptly pulled him aside and told him he was acting jealous.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) argued about Summer (Hunter King) skipping school.  Phyllis tried calling Summer, but she ignored her mother’s call. Summer answered Nick’s call, and quickly found herself being ordered home.

At Jabot, Leslie (Angell Conwell) told Neil (Kristoff St. John) she couldn’t accept his job offer because she was thinking about him as a man. She told him it would be inappropriate for them to end up in a relationship if they were working together. Neil finally convinced her that if they had an overwhelming urge to date, he would fire her. Leslie accepted the job.