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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Anna doesn’t believe Robert’s accusation of Faison impersonating Duke. She says Faison is dead, but Robert thinks he survived the explosion. He claims to have proof of Duke’s true identity. Robert explains Olivia’s vision and Liz's drawing, but Anna is still skeptical of Robert's theory. Robert continues on, and mentions finding Duke smoking one of Faison's signature cigarillo's.

Carly’s worried about Michael, and Sonny doesn't help her mood when he tells her about the Connie kidnapping fiasco. Sonny knows he was close to getting through to Kate when Michael interrupted.  Carly says Sonny is lucky he isn't in jail, and warns AJ will use this against them.  Carly’s afraid she’s losing Michael, and feels alone without Jason to help her.  She and Sonny hug, and he promises to help her more. The former couple agrees to present a united front. 

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Michael is upset about Sonny, and AJ is concerned about his son's well being. Before they can finish talking, Diane arrives to talk about AJ’s chances of staying out of prison.  She figures she can get the attempted murder charges dropped, but the kidnapping allegations will be more difficult.  Michael offers not to testify against AJ, but Diane says he wasn’t the only victim. Michael points out he's the only one old enough to remember the events, since Morgan and Kristina were too young at the time. However, Diane thinks it won't matter, and advises AJ to give the cops a bigger criminal in exchange for his freedom. 

Connie returns home and kills Johnny's good mood. She’s angry he didn’t miss her while Sonny kidnapped her. Johnny doesn’t care, because he wants to get out of the marriage and reunite with Carly.  Connie wonders why he’s being so hateful, since she thought they had a truce. She proceeds to threaten him about the accident again, and warns him to show her respect. 

Starr accuses Todd of kidnapping Tomas in order to get Blair back, but Todd maintains his innocence.  Starr worries her father might get his feelings hurt again. Starr changes the subject, and asks about the manuscript. Todd admits he didn’t read it, and Starr quickly becomes extremely annoyed.  He looks for it and can’t find it, so Starr helps him. She stumbles across Connie's bracelet under a few magazines, and realizes Connie must have taken it. She heads out to personally deal with Connie. 

TJ tells Molly that he read her book, and loved it.  She believes Todd didn't like it, because she hasn't heard from him. TJ can’t find his copy, so Molly checks her computer for the original file.  However, it’s gone as well. TJ tries to get it back, and Molly soon remembers she accidentally downloaded something else on top of it. TJ informs her the original is gone forever, and Molly freaks out.  TJ assures her all is not lost, because they can get Todd’s copy.

Carly asks Todd if he made Tomas disappear, which upsets Todd, because he thought she believed in him. Carly knows he would do anything to make Blair love him again. She's happy she didn't sleep with him, because he'd only have been using her. Todd tries to convince her otherwise, but Carly asks what she means to him.  Todd says she’s his friend, and Carly doesn't like his answer. 

Starr arrives at Johnny's penthouse, and demands to know what Connie did with the manuscript.  Connie denies knowing anything about it, and secretly scoops it up in her coat. She quickly leaves, and advises Starr to talk to Johnny.

Johnny confesses his marriage to Connie is a sham because she's blackmailing him.  Starr wonders what he could have done that's worse than Connie killing her child. When Johnny doesn’t answer, Starr orders Johnny to tell her what Connie is holding over his head. 

Sonny and Connie run into each other, and she warns him not to come near her.  He asks if Johnny missed her while she was gone, and apologizes for her rape again. Sonny also questions if she aches to be with a man and not a boy, because he can help her if she calls on him.

TJ and Molly ask Todd for the manuscript back.  He admits it's gone and points them in Connie's direction, just as she arrives at the door.

Diane asks if AJ knows of someone worse than him, and AJ brings up Faison. AJ explains that while he was recovering in the Swiss hospital, he saw Faison talking to his doctor and recognized him.  He didn’t go to the police at the time.  Diane asks for proof, and AJ shows her a cell phone photo he took of Faison at the hospital.  Diane is thrilled, and claims the charges against AJ should easily be dropped. 

Duke says Faison is dead, and feels Robert is trying to come between them.  Robert mentions Anna's hated of Faison, but love for Duke. He thinks it would be very clever and easy of Faison to take Duke's place in order to get close to Anna.  Robert wants to call the agency, but Anna has had enough of Robert's lip. She tells him none of this will bring Robin back, and calls her officers to arrest Robert for breaking and entering. 

Duke thanks Anna for believing him, and the two hug.  He calls her “my Anna”, and she suddenly stares at the photo of Faison in wonder.