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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Duke wonders if Anna regrets having Robert arrested, but she feels Robert knows the consequences of breaking the law.  Duke assures her Robert won’t come between them, and asks again about the ski trip. He flashes her the tickets, and Anna agrees to go away with him. 

Dante and John are preparing for their first day as partners, when Robert is brought in to the station.  Dante is angry Robert didn’t listen to him.  John is aware of Robert’s legendary reputation, and explains his connection to Anna.  Robert says Faison is alive, and Anna refuses to believe him.  He needs to stop Faison before he hurts Anna.  John asks for concrete proof, but all Robert has is Olivia’s vision and the cigarillo.  Robert worries Anna will snap out of her grief, and Faison will turn on her. 

At The Sun, Connie denies knowing anything about the manuscript. Todd doesn’t care and leaves TJ, Molly and Connie to settle the dispute amongst themselves.  Molly admits it's the only copy she has, because the original file has been accidentally deleted.  TJ begins to look around the office, but Connie quickly stops him. She mentions needing an assistant, and Molly offers her services as an intern. Connie agrees and ushers the young couple out of the office.

Johnny admits to Starr that he did something terrible, and Starr guesses he killed Anthony. Johnny denies killing his grandfather, but Starr is ready to believe it.  Starr understands why Johnny can’t confess, and sympathizes with him.  She promises not to bring it up anymore. 

Spin asks Maxie about the hormone treatments, but she’s too angry with him to discuss it.  Spin says he’ll always care about her, as Ellie overhears.  Ellie mentions seeing Maxie's lab results, and points out that it would explain her recent irritability.  Ellie knows Maxie will need someone to help her during this process.  Maxie warns Ellie that Spin will only be with her for a few years, and then come crawling back to Maxie. She tells Ellie to enjoy her victory while it lasts. 

Olivia sees Lulu and has a vision of her holding a puppy.  Lulu recognizes her reaction, and demands to know what Olivia saw. Olivia tells her, and Lulu flips out.  Lulu soon calms down, and explains her reaction was due to the hormone treatments.

Duke updates Dr. Albright on the latest in his quest to get Anna back.  He realizes he never needed Robin for his plan, considering Anna’s strong feelings for Duke.  He feels Robert needs to be stopped, and asks for Dr. Albright’s help.

Todd asks Spinelli for his PI skills in locating the manuscript, but Spin turns him down due to Todd's involvement in Daniel's kidnapping. Todd runs into Starr, who admits she feels sorry for Johnny now. Todd doesn't like Starr's new attitude towards Johnny one bit.

Molly believes Connie either took the book, or knows of it's whereabouts. By working for her, maybe she can find out exactly what happened to it. 

Anna runs into Olivia, and asks about her visions.  Olivia says they’ve all come true, but are hard to understand at first.  Lulu overhears Anna talk about having Robert arrested and cries. Anna's surprised by Lulu's reaction, until Lulu tells her it’s the hormones.  Anna mentions going skiing with Duke soon. 

Todd goes to Johnny, and demands to know what he told Starr.  Johnny didn’t mean mislead Starr, but she almost had it figured out.  Todd thinks Johnny no longer has leverage on him, since Starr knows about Sam’s baby. However, Johnny points out Todd knew about the accident, and helped cover it up. 

Lulu visits Dante to chat about Robert’s arrest, and then breaks down in tears because they’re having a dog.  Robert spots Lulu, and asks her to post his bail so he can find Anna. Lulu advises him to hurry, since she’s leaving with Duke in the very near future.

Duke tells Anna to get her passport, because they’re going to Switzerland instead of the skiing trip.