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Nick Interrogates Sharon on The Young and the Restless!

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Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) surprised Victor (Eric Braeden) by unveiling their new penthouse. For some reason the color palette reminded me vaguely of Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) digs late in All My Children’s run.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) demanded to know from Noah (Robert Adamson) where Sharon (Sharon Case) has been hiding out. When he found out where Sharon was, he showed up at her door. He wasn’t happy when he learned that Sharon has been seeing their children and asking them to not tell him. The whole thing was pretty much an opportunity for Nick to unload on Sharon. However, he did ask about her being sick.

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Nick was furious when he found out that Adam (Michael Muhney) had been helping Sharon. She told him that he may have saved her life. When Noah showed up, Nick continued his interrogation and demanded to know from Noah if Sharon was telling him the truth. Even though I am still team Shadam, I  appreciate all of the history in the scenes Sharon and Nick shared. After Nick left, Sharon told Noah it was time to make amends to the people she had hurt, especially Victor.

Jack (Peter Bergman) continued to struggle with his pain. He called Adam (Michael Muhney) and told him to clear his schedule because they needed to have a chat.  When Jack arrived at Newman, it quickly became obvious to Adam that Jack was not remembering things correctly. I really hate that Y&R is pursuing this storyline path for Jack.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Avery (Jessica Collins) and Kyle (Blake Hood) all received messages from Jack telling them to show up at Newman.  All three and Adam watched as Jack acted irrationally. After the meeting they all discussed their concern for Jack.