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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Robert worries about Anna’s safety, while he’s stuck cooling his heels in a jail cell.  Dante tells him Anna has already left on her ski trip with Duke.  Tracy visits Robert, who informs her of his belief that Duke is actually Faison in disguise.  At first, Tracy doesn’t believe Faison could be alive, but agrees to help Robert because Luke trusts him. 

Anna wonders why she and Duke went to Switzerland, instead of staying in the United States.  Duke makes a joke that Faison isn’t welcome in the US, and accuses Robert of being paranoid.  Anna questions whether Faison really is alive, since he’s cheated death before.  Anna knows Faison was obsessed with her, and nearly lost everything because of him.  Duke tells her to stop thinking about it, and Anna agrees not to discuss him anymore.

Diane and AJ want to give the PCPD their evidence on Faison in order to rid AJ of his charges.  Diane proposes a deal to the DA, which involves AJ divulging information on one of the FBI’s most wanted in exchange for his freedom.  Dante’s not happy AJ would be getting a deal, but AJ claims Faison is a bigger criminal. He shows Dante the photo on his phone, and Diane thinks arresting Faison will make headlines.   

Carly apologizes to Todd for the Blair thing, and he understands she was only upset about Michael. Carly is afraid of losing her son, but Todd says he loses Starr on a regular basis, but then begs her forgiveness.  He tells Carly to apologize to Michael, and admit she was wrong. 

Michael is happy AJ might be able to go free, and Starr realizes how much he understands about being in prison.  The two start to kiss, but Michael is afraid he’s pressuring her.  Starr reassures him she's ready, and the two head to the bedroom. Before they can make it, Carly knocks at the door. 

Patrick overhears Sabrina practicing her sales pitch for Todd.  He plans on going with her, until Britt claims she needs him for a consult. Patrick accompanies Britt, leaving Sabrina to face Todd on her own.

Sabrina visits Todd, who originally thinks she’s his new assistant. She corrects him and explains she’s there to see if he’ll underwrite the Nurses' Ball.  She goes on and on about the ball benefitting Aids research, as Patrick shows up. Todd isn't interested in being a benefactor, and mentions he never recovered the 18 million from Jerry.  Sabrina calls him a heartless fool who doesn’t want to pay tribute to a wonderful woman.  Patrick is proud of Sabrina, and feels Robin would be as well.  Sabrina wonders who can help her cause, and happens to see a photo of Lucy Coe.

Dr. Albright is with Duke when he removes his face and becomes Faison again.  She questions his decisions regarding Anna, but Faison says he needed to make a calculated risk. 

Carly apologizes to Michael for having AJ arrested, and not respecting his wishes.  Michael forgives her, but informs her of AJ's desire for him to work at ELQ. He wants Carly to support him, but she can't. Carly thinks it’s a huge mistake.  Michael wants to get to know his father, which enrages Carly.  She believes AJ is playing off Michael's vulnerable state, and only wants his shares to take over the company. Carly quickly reminds her son that the shares are in a trust until he is 25, and she holds the control.

John feels Faison is a bigger threat than AJ, and Dante agrees. The DA takes Diane's deal and drops all charges against AJ. He is free to go. Tracy’s upset to hear the charges against AJ have been dropped. 

AJ tells the detectives Faison is in Switzerland. John and Dante realize Robert's claims are adding up.   Dante tells Robert about Faison's whereabouts.  John leaves a voice message for Anna stating Faison is alive.

Anna returns to Duke’s room, but hears strange noises before going inside. She begins to panic, breaks in and finds Faison staring back at her.