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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna alerts the local authorities about Faison, and needs to inform her people of the latest events. She thinks Faison may be headed to PC, and tries to call, but her phone isn’t working.  "Duke" would like to forget about what happened with Faison, because it made him feel helpless. He asks if it’s possible for Anna to trust him again. Anna swears she trusts him, and doesn’t want to lose him again.  They kiss and Anna heads to her room to change. 

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John and Robert arrive at the Swedish clinic, and question Dr. Albright about Faison, AJ and Duke.  She remembers AJ, but denies knowing the others. John and Robert press the issue, and the doctor admits to seeing Faison as well, but he's long gone now. Robert accuses her of being an accessory and covering for Faison. John plays good cop to Robert’s bad, and quickly drags him away. 

Michael wants Dante to arrest Sonny for assaulting AJ during a boxing match.  Dante says AJ went into the ring willingly, therefore accepting all consequences.  Michael believes Sonny needs a reality check. Dante wonders if Michael has replaced Jason with AJ, but Michael says AJ didn’t deserve to be beaten.  Dante asks Michael if he's sure he wants to have Sonny arrested, and Michael backs down.  Dante assures Michael he’s there for him. 

Starr takes AJ to the hospital to have his wounds cleaned.  Liz is displeased to see him, but leaves to get supplies to treat him. AJ tells Starr he wishes Michael hadn’t seen what happened, but Starr calls him on it. She informs AJ his stunt is exactly something her own father would have done.   Starr knows Sonny has been good to Michael.  AJ questions her defending Sonny, since she tried to shoot him herself. Starr points out Sonny ended up being innocent in killing Cole and Hope. 

Liz returns, and AJ asks Starr retrieve his jacket and wallet from the gym. She leaves, and Liz tears into AJ for having all his criminal charges dropped. She’s upset Emily always believed AJ had changed.  AJ declares he really has changed this time.

Later on, Liz apologizes for being hard on AJ, citing her grief for Jason's death as the cause. AJ misses Jason too, and shows her an old photo of the two of them.  Liz tells him Jason apologized for keeping AJ away from Michael, and regretted hurting him.  AJ offers to let her keep the photo, but Liz warns him to stay away from Sonny.   

Shawn questions Sonny's reasons for suddenly snapping on AJ.  Sonny’s angry he let AJ get to him in front of Michael.  Connie shows up, so Shawn leaves them to talk.  She wants to rent the gym for a photo shoot with hot models.  Since Sonny owns the place, she figures he can be on the cover with her if he wishes. 

TJ and Molly want to search Todd’s office for the manuscript, because they think Connie stole it.  Todd isn’t interested in helping, until Molly mentions Starr.  Todd lets them look around, while he heads out on business. 

When Todd returns, they still haven’t found it. Todd wonders why they think Connie would have any interest in Molly's novel.  Molly doesn’t have a clue, as Connie arrives. Connie's annoyed the kids are destroying the office.  Molly demands Connie give the book back, but Connie denies having it.  Todd gets a call from his publisher, who apparently has the book. 

Starr returns to the gym, and questions Shawn about Sonny's violent outburst.  She wonders if AJ knew Michael was on his way, and sees the text from Michael on Sonny’s phone beside AJ’s jacket. Shawn tells Sonny about Starr finding the text message that AJ obviously knew about prior to their boxing match. Sonny’s upset AJ set him up.  Shawn assures him Starr will talk to Michael and settle everything. 

At the hospital, Starr tries to tell Michael about AJ's devious act, but doesn't get the chance.  AJ mentions working at ELQ, and Michael tells him Carly owns his stock fund until his 25th birthday.

Dr. Albright calls “Duke” to tell him that she deflected Robert and John, and he's safe for now. Suddenly, Robert grabs the phone from her, and John realizes she was talking to “Duke”. He quickly traces the call. 

Anna returns to "Duke’s" room, and the two start to kiss.  They agree to move things to the bedroom, but a knock on the door stops them. "Duke" opens the door to find John and Robert staring back at him.