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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Anna’s upset to see John and Robert, and they both explain Faison is alive. She tells them about the incident with Duke and Faison in the same room, which disproves the plastic surgery theory.  Duke’s angry the men are interrupting up his night with Anna.  Anna admits she was knocked unconscious for a bit, and Faison was gone when she woke.  

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Robert mentions Dr. Obrecht claiming not to know Duke, and Duke doesn’t recall her either. However, John brings up the call Dr. Obrecht made to Duke, and dials the number on her phone. Duke’s phone rings, and Anna starts to become suspicious. Duke tries to change the subject, and fusses about John and Robert busting up his plans with Anna.

Anna wonders why it’s suddenly so hot in the room, and John admits he turned up the heat. He points out Duke’s face isn’t sweating.  Robert brings up Faison being a master of covert ops, and thinks he made a likeness of Duke’s face.  Duke angrily says he’s leaving, and asks Anna to go with him.  She agrees to leave, and mentions a place they were snowed in years ago.  When Duke remembers, she admits she made it up. Duke thinks Anna is siding with John and Robert instead of him. He tries to leave, but Robert pours hot fondue over Duke’s face. 

Carly and Joss run into Johnny, and Joss is thrilled to see him.  Johnny thanks Carly for not turning Joss against him, but Carly assures him Joss will soon forget about him.  Johnny misses her, but Carly feels he doesn’t have the right.  Johnny apologizes, and confesses he wanted to spend his life with her. He also acknowledges that he hasn’t told her the real reason he married Connie. 

Todd tells Molly and TJ the book is being published under Connie’s name.  Molly can’t believe Connie stole her manuscript, but Connie claims she wrote it herself.  TJ wants Todd to stop this, but he’s more interested in the payoff from the book. Molly orders Connie to return her book, but Connie refuses. 

Lulu’s worried about Maxie after she has an allergic reaction, and takes her to the hospital. Britt runs some tests, and reassures them the reaction was due to food and not the hormone injections.  Maxie remembers accidentally eating blackberry jam, and Lulu chews out Maxie for not being more careful.  Britt reiterates that everything is fine, and Lulu apologizes to Maxie. Maxie expresses regret for being so careless, and the two make up.

Alexis and Kristina bring Christmas decorations to Sam, including at tree, which Trey delivers. Trey’s still doing odd jobs for the church, and asks Kris to join him for a drink. 

Alexis asks Sam about the case she’s working on, and wonders if it has to do with Jason.  Sam says John is helping her with it, and things are fine between them now. Alexis reminds her that finding Jason’s shooter doesn’t mean finding Jason. Sam still has faith he will return.  Later, Alexis brings in Danny dressed as Santa, and Sam thanks her mother for being there for her.  Molly arrives and wants Alexis to sue Connie.

Trey tells Kris he’s leaving Port Charles after the new year for a Production Assistant job on the new David Vickers film. Kristina admits she’ll miss him, and Trey asks her to go with him.  Kris is surprised and unsure she can leave her family. Trey needs to change his life’s direction, and feels the David Vickers gig is the way to go. He asks Kris to think about his proposition, and they kiss.

Todd interrupts Johnny’s attempt to tell Carly the truth, and warns Johnny to keep his mouth shut. Johnny storms off, and Carly gets angry because she wanted to hear what Johnny had to say. Todd asks if she would ever take Johnny back. Carly refuses to go backwards, but wonders what Johnny could possibly have wanted to tell her. 

Johnny goes to Connie, who tells him she’s about to be a published author.  When Johnny becomes irritated with her, she taunts him about killing Cole and Hope. Johnny’s tired of her threats, and realizes he needs to confess to free himself of their marriage. 

Anna is concerned about Duke’s face, until it peels off and reveals Faison in the flesh. He swears he did it all for her.  Anna’s angry Faison has stolen another part of her life, and calls him a monster.  Faison swears he loves her, and only wanted her to love him back.  Interpol arrives to take Faison away, but not before Anna uppercuts Faison.