General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Anna is upset she allowed Faison to fool her yet again.  Robert thinks she wanted to believe, and was played by the best.  He also points out her grief over Robin leaving her vulnerable to Faison's mastermind. Anna wonders if Duke is alive, and Robert laughs her off. However, Anna replays the moment when Faison and Duke were in the same room, and thinks the real Duke could be out there somewhere.

Robert feels Faison had one of his henchmen wear the mask, but Anna remembers Duke's Turkish prison story checking out. When Duke and Faison were present in the room, she’s sure it was the real Duke. Robert thinks they should head to the clinic to get some answers.    

Robin talks to herself about Patrick, Emma and Christmastime.  Dr. Obrecht brings her lunch, and Robin notices she seems a bit out of it. She wonders what's going on.  Dr. Obrecht admits Faison was captured, and Robin knows Anna had something to do with it.  Robin warns her to cut her losses and release her. Dr. Obrecht doesn’t care about Robin’s suffering, and has faith in Faison.  Robin tells her Faison is a treacherous man who will save himself and blame her. 

Dr. Obrecht decides she needs to get rid of Robin before Robert and Anna come looking for her. Robin says they will owe her if she keeps Robin alive.  Dr. Obrecht informs Robin she isn't the only person she has to handle at the moment. Robin demands to know whom else the doctor is hiding.

Maxie is telling Mac about her nervous feelings toward the upcoming embryo implant, when Olivia arrives. She goes on and on about being a grandmother, until she receives a vision of a puppy sitting in a high chair. Maxie realizes Olivia had a vision, and forces her to confess its contents. Olivia tells her about the dog, and Maxie complains that she’s going to give birth to a puppy.

Lulu and Dante are ready for the procedure.  Felix gives Dante a cup and asks for a sample. Lulu gets upset when Felix tells her to leave, because she doesn't want Dante to use other supplies to help him. Dante promises to think only of her. 

Sabrina’s excited about the Nurses’ Ball, and informs Patrick about Felix and Lucy Coe’s involvement.  They hug, and Britt quickly breaks it up. Felix wants Sabrina and Patrick to come with him to New York to see Lucy, but Patrick has plans with Emma.  Later, Felix talks about the possible romance between Sabrina and Patrick, but she says Patrick is still grieving over Robin. 

After Olivia leaves, Maxie wonders what the vision meant, since they’ve been pretty accurate. Mac assures her premonitions are subject to interpretation, and expresses his concern for Maxie.  Maxie’s worried she’ll screw up somehow, and mentions eating the blackberry jam.  She doesn’t want to disappoint Lulu and Dante, especially since they've put so much faith in her. Mac knows she’ll be a great surrogate, but reminds her that she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. He promises to support her either way. 

Olivia goes to the hospital, and walks in on Dante giving his donation.  After she leaves, Dante hears everyone’s voices and decides he needs Lulu’s help.  He tells her making a baby is special, and she should have a part in everything.  Maxie runs into Olivia at the hospital, and admits she has some to say to Lulu and Dante. 

Britt wants to join Patrick and Emma, but a flashback of Robin from Christmas last year puts things on hold. Later, when Patrick returns home, he sees Robin in the living room.

Anna and Robert confront Dr. Obrecht at the clinic about the real Duke. They demand to know if he's alive.  Anna decides to check all the rooms, and gets the shock of her life when she opens one particular door.