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SPOILERS: Carmine and Noah's Pasts Come Back to Haunt Them on The Young and The Restless! Plus 2013 Previews!

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Carmine/Alex/Noah: New Genoa City transplant Carmine has a bit of history with Det. Alex Chavez. Carmine is bar tending, when Alex arrives on the scene. Alex immediately recognizes the troublesome lad, and starts to ask him if he's from New York. Carmine pretends not to know Alex, because he's trying to sever his father's mob ties. He's constantly getting flack for his family's "business”.

A quick thinking Carmine lies, and says he's from Detroit. Alex whips out a picture of Noah with a girl, and wonders if he knows them. Carmine isn't sure of the girl's identity, but remarks on Noah’s short fuse, which perks Alex's ears. What exactly did Noah do in NYC?

Jack: Old Smilin's family ambushes him with a drug intervention.

Victor/Nikki: The two give each other very special Christmas gifts.

Adam: The black sheep Newman attempts to make inroads with Chelsea.

Summer: She finds out what Noah's hiding.

Phyllis: Red grills her baby sister about her past.

Kevin/Chloe: The Fishers set out to find the money.

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2013 Previews

Victor/Nikki: Mark your calendars on Valentine's Day kids! The lovebirds plan to get married on the most romantic day of the year. Even though, Victor and Nikki are in pure bliss right now, Victor is still Victor. The Black Knight is twisted between taking both Jack and Adam down, and planning his nuptials to Nikki. As the wedding day nears, Nikki gets some intel that may stick a fork in her plans to marry Victor.

Jack/Phyllis: Watch for Phyllis to try to become closer with Avery, and fix her fractured relationship with Summer. Meanwhile, Jack's addition to pain meds causes him to hit rock bottom. Phyllis will bring him back from the brink.

Nick/Avery: The Newman playboy is done with the family business, and decides to do things on his own terms. We know Victor isn't going to let Nick just turn his back on the company.  Nick's business ventures cause some unexpected drama, which causes Victor to attempt to bring him back into Newman Enterprises. While this takes place, look Nick and Avery relationship to hit some bumps in the road.

Billy/Victoria: "Villy" fans get ready! The couple declares war against Adam. Watch for Victoria and Adam's fight to show who exactly is a chip off the ole' Victor block.

Michael/Lauren: Genoa City's only happy couple's marriage becomes rocky. Meanwhile, Fen's disdain for Jamie reaches a scary level nobody expected.

Kevin/Chloe: The Fishers financial issues cause problems for Noah.

Cane/Lily: Fasten your seat belts "Lane" fans! Cane and Lily's marriage takes a hit when Tyler starts sniffing around Lily.

Neil/Leslie: As the couple's relationship starts to heat up, viewers will start to wonder what exactly Leslie and Tyler are trying to hide?

Tucker/Katherine/Jill: The rebel billionaire starts to fix the tattered relationship he has with Kay and Devon. Tucker's love life also hits an upswing, when he and Jill resume their affair. Watch for Katherine's life to unravel, and force the grande dame to reassess things.