General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Anna and Robert fight with Dr. Obrecht, until Anna breaks into the room to find the real Duke.  He’s thrilled Anna discovered him, but is worried about Faison. Robert tells him Faison has been neutralized, and then pinches Duke’s cheek just to be sure he’s the real deal. Duke informs Anna he tried to stop Faison by putting coded messages in his memories.  Anna wishes she’d realized everything sooner, and Duke thinks someone else was on to Faison. Duke explains Faison had become angry about memory mistakes recently. 

Dr. Obrecht runs into Robin’s room, even more determined to kill her before her parents find her.  Dr. Obrecht says Faison left her specific instructions to eliminate Robin.  Robin starts yelling for her parents, and Robert hears her calling and comes running.  At the last second, Robert bursts through the door to find Robin. A shocked Robert fights Dr. Obrecht for the syringe she attempted to use on Robin.

Sabrina and Felix are at Lucy Coe’s company.  Felix admits he’s never met Lucy in the flesh, but he's sure he can get them in to see her.  As they try to walk in Lucy's office, Lucy’s assistant, Bree, stops them.  Sabrina is determined to speak with Ms. Coe, and sits in protest.  Sabrina explains the history of The Nurses' Ball, and Bree agrees to let them in the office. 

Olivia thanks Maxie for being Lante’s surrogate.  She reassures everyone the vision of the puppy meant nothing.  Dante thanks Maxie for everything she’s doing for him and Lulu. Maxie is sure everything will be fine.

Patrick sees Robin in his living room, but she disappears when Mac and Emma arrive.  Patrick tells Mac that he just saw Robin, and hasn’t seen her since he was on drugs. He wonders why she’s appearing to him now, since he's clean. Patrick asks if he’s going crazy, but Mac assures him it's grief. Mac reminds Patrick it's his first Christmas without Robin. 

Olivia heads to the lab to make sure everything is going well with the procedure.  Ellie gives the all clear, but Olivia freaks out when Spinelli arrives with the puppy from her visions. Olivia takes the puppy, so he won't be anywhere near the fertilization process.  Lulu and Dante watch on, as Ellie does her work. 

Mac stops by the hospital to ask Maxie if she's made a decision.  Maxie had a moment of doubt, but feels she's doing the right thing. She knows Lulu and Dante will make great parents.

Patrick and Emma put up the Christmas stockings.  Patrick’s stocking falls, and he finds a present from Robin inside.

Anna tells Duke about Robin’s death, and Heather’s trail leading her to the clinic. She thinks it's Faison’s home base, and Duke feels it's not a coincidence Heather's clues led her there.  She wonders if Robin was actually brought to the clinic, and Duke assures her they’ll find Robin together. 

Robert and Dr. Obrecht struggle over the syringe, and she manages to stab him.  Robin begs the doctor to tell her what was in the syringe. 

Anna and Duke break down a door, and are shocked to see what’s inside the room.